Top Apple hardware executive vanishes from company

Does it feel like someone is missing from Apple’s management hierarchy as of late? If you thought so, you were correct. Sunday afternoon, the senior vice president of technologies at Apple was quietly removed from the company’s corporate website with no word as to why.

The only clue we have as of now is from Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, who told AllThingsD that "Bob is no longer going to be on Apple’s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects." The company declined any future explanation as to the reasoning of the move.

This change comes as a bit of a surprise as Mansfield announced last year that he would remain on at the company after previously announcing his decision to retire in June 2012. It was previously reported that he would stay at the company until 2014, influenced by the of the departure of former iOS Chief Scott Forstall. Tim Cook reportedly offered Mansfield a pay package worth over $2 million a month to stay with the company at the time.

Mansfield joined Apple in 1999 when the company acquired Raycer Graphics, where Mansfield was the vice president of engineering. At Apple he was responsible for overseeing development of devices such as the iMac, MacBook, MacBookAir and more recently the iPhone and iPad designs. There has been no word on what “special” projects he will be overseeing in the near future.

Source: MacRumors

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I don't think being an executive would be exciting, sure the money might be good but I'd rather be hands on making the products rather than sitting in some bloody office every day.

In every company I've worked for, a job title that included the term "special projects" means they are not being trusted with anything, but is cheaper to keep paying them until they go naturally than it is to pay them off.

he is prisoned in Guantanamo Bay and apple with Dick Cheney have wiped out all traces of him (including his profile on apples website)

Maybe the plastic iPhones were his idea... then "special projects" is like being stationed in Siberia for the US Army..

Sheesh guys. What is amazing, is the bunch of apple fanboys that check every single file and every single apple website in the hunt of news about apple.

? the article states he was asked to stay after announcing his retirement. so he is at the company but not management because he was originally retiring.

IF I was offered 2 million to stay but on a lower level I would say yes also.

CygnusOrion said,
He just doesn't strike me as the type of executive Jobs would have hired, and now I know.

Yeah, Mansfield was successful. How did the recent SVPs hired by Jobs (Papermaster, Browett) work out?

Every time I see his name, I think of Mansfeld toilets, with DuraFlo. Maybe he's working with Bill Gates on that new toilet idea.