Top Smash Tennis for Windows 8 released; uses motion sensing from regular camera

Microsoft may have Kinect in place for some Xbox 360 games, but its Kinect for Windows product has yet to be used extensively for motion controlled PC titles. Today, a new game was released for Windows 8 that its developers claim uses motion sensing and control with only a regular 2D camera.

The game is called Top Smash Tennis and comes from developer Side-Kick Games. It's now available to download in the Windows Store for $2.49. The game was developed using an SDK made by Extreme Reality, which offers a way to add 3D motion control using any standard camera.

In a press release sent to Neowin, Sarit Firon, CEO of Extreme Reality, stated:

Until now, motion controlled games have been tied to the console platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. Now, just as users are migrating from console-based to mobile-based games, Extreme Reality has the critical software ingredient that allows any developer to create a full-body motion game that requires no additional hardware than the smartphone, tablet or PC people already own. This gives tremendous new freedom to the developer and the gamer.

The video above gives users an idea of how Top Smash Tennis works on a Windows 8 laptop with an embedded camera. The full game has 15 levels and also supports extra in-app purchases.

Update: There is another Windows 8 app that also uses a standard 2D camera, Ballstrike, but it is more of an exercise app than a game and is actually listed under "Health and Fitness".

Source: Windows Store | Image via Side-Kick Games

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Yep, except that app is more of an exercise program than a game in fact, the app is listed under "Health and Fitness"..I'll add a link to the article anyway

It's almost identical to a mode in Kinect Adventures, which is classed as a game. Let's agree to disagree on that front

Update: Seems like Ballstrike isn't their only "game". They've got one called Bugylon, which is almost identical in principle to Ballstrike, but definitely a game this time

Bugylon is an Augmented Reality game from the creators of the wildly successful health and fitness app: BallStrike.

Edited by Ryster, Jul 16 2013, 9:17pm :

1. Did anyone else picture playing "motion control tennis" with a Surface tablet instead of a tennis racket? It's quite a funny mental image.

2. Whoa this is a nintendo lawsuit waiting to happen. It's so obviously a Wii Sports Tennis rip-off, that for a moment I thought it *was* Wii Sports Tennis.

This isn't the first game in the Windows Store that uses the camera for motion control... I downloaded one many many many months ago. But this one looks way better.

It doesn't seem to be working with my Logitech C920 - the webcam doesn't light up and the app doesn't respond to it.

I tried the Camera app and it's working fine in there.