Top US TV Pilots Leaked Online

At least half a dozen highly anticipated broadcast network fall pilots have been leaked online. Copies of NBC's "Bionic Woman," ABC's "Pushing Daisies," The CW's "Reaper" and several other shows were available Friday for illegal download on sites such as Torrent Spy, The Pirate Bay and Mininova. Most of the titles appear to have been uploaded within the past week. The first copy of "Bionic" was listed as uploaded two days ago, while the earliest "Reaper" file was date-marked seven days ago. Other leaked shows include Fox's midseason "The Terminator" spin-off "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," ABC's "Cavemen," and NBC's "Chuck" and "Lipstick Jungle."

Network representatives expressed surprise that the full-length pilots were on the Web and alerted their studio partners. Some said they were anticipating that critic and industry screener copies would leak eventually as smattering of fall pilots have found their way online during the past few years. All networks contacted declined official comment.

Most of the leaked shows are among the more anticipated, buzz-heavy titles of the fall (there are many copies of "Bionic" and "Connor" online, for example, but no copies of ABC's "Carpoolers" or The CW's "Life is Wild" were found). Given the selection, some downloaders wondered if the networks and studios leaked the programs themselves. Network and studio representatives, however, denied uploading the shows. "We're doing everything we can to fight piracy," said one major studio representative who declined to be identified. "Our piracy department is playing whack-a-mole with these things."

In recent years, some networks have begun to distribute premiere episodes online in advance of their debuts. Such promotional previews are often carefully timed to hit right before the regular broadcast of the show. Also, network previews are typically streamed via the network's own Web site, or through other controlled environments such as popular portal and business partners like AOL or MSN.

The copies found online so far will probably be joined by lower-quality versions soon, according to one studio representative who was attending the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. Networks at the comic book convention are currently screening several popular pilots. Judging by the number of handheld video recorders in the audience, the executive said he expected to see more unauthorized copies of network shows online.

News source: TVWeek

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Hmm 3 different networks simulatneously having fall season pilots leaked, definitley doesn't sound like a marketing tactic to me.

that could be great idea to advertisng tv show ... pilot today, 1st episode in copule months ... until then lot of people will see pilots

The have already made changes to Bionic Woman so the one that airs on TV may be quite different.

Some people have suggested that the networks purposely leak these to generate interest. The could also doing this to test the waters.

I watched Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Pushing Daisies and I think they all show promise.

Pushing Daisies is probably the most interesting/different, Chuck could be a lot of fun if it keeps it varied and exciting, The Sarah Connor Chronicles I've no idea about, it could go either way, but the pilot was pretty good.

The article doesn't mention that the first two episodes of series 2 of Dexter ( great! ) have been leaked too.

As of the date that this article was written the information is slightly false. being that the information that was collected is slightly incorrect. For first information the fact that all of these shows including the sarah conner chronicles was leaked more than just a few days. The earliest confirmed case of these shows being released to the world. was two weeks ago... i cannot give more information as to how i know this i can just tell you that it happed that way.

Californication was also leaked along with Cane and The Big Bang Theory

Along with eps 1-4 of weeds season 3, first two eps of brother hood and dexter.

All of the eps are ripped by the "scene" eh but im sure the producers sent out the pre releases in hopes they got snagged.

No surprise here -- PreAirs have been leaked onto the internet for several years now.

Ps. Pushing Daisies looks like a freakin great show!

I would have thought it's the case of, the more people who see a pilot, the better (eg. plucking two at random... Chuck and Reaper are great). That is of course unless they suck. In which case they'll know sooner from everyone saying what does and doesn't suck (another random eg... cavemen and "the sarah conner chronicles" are crap). Then they can dump the dead weight quicker and they lose less money.
Like one great big focus group... If they didn't leak them themselves they should have...