Tor Anonymity Server Admin Arrested

In a recent blog posting, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police officers at the end of July. Although he was released shortly afterwards, information about the arrest had been kept quiet until his lawyers were able to get the charges dropped.

Tor is a privacy tool designed to allow users to communicate and browse anonymously on the Internet. It's endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other civil liberties groups as a method for whistle blowers and human-rights workers to communicate with journalists. Tor provides anonymous web browsing software to hundreds of thousands of users around the world, according to its developers. The largest numbers of users are in the United States, the European Union and China.

Showing up at his house at midnight on a Sunday night, police cuffed and arrested him in front of his wife and seized his equipment. In a display of both bitter irony and incompetence, the police did not take or shut-down the Tor server responsible for the traffic they were interested in, which was located in a data center, over 500km away. In the last year, Germany has passed a draconian new anti-security research law and raided seven different data centers to seize Tor servers.

News source: Blog of too many things

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its scary the way the things are turning. Soon privacy will be just an illusion. Mostly because the common ppl dont know what (even?) a proxy is and usualy they link anonymous/ly with "illicit" activities. And thats the worse part, because that ppl dont understand (and dont want to) the ppl that is desperately to control (even more) the net is winning.

I know the reasons of this. Remember what happened last week, about a group in Sweden that released tons of infos from embassies?

Tor is a network that hides your location, thus protecting your privacy. It is NOT an encryption software. People can sniff packets from exit tor nodes.

I personally use Tor and it's great. A bit slow but it's not designed to be a low latency network. Freedom has its costs.

Germany hosts many Tor servers. It's really a shame.