Torchlight II's release date reveal on August 31st

A date for a release date announcement? Yes, that is what we have come to with Torchlight II. Fans of the original game in the action-RPG series have been waiting patiently for developer Runic Games to release the sequel.

Today, in a post on the game's official website, Runic Games said that the release date announcement for Torchlight II will be made one week from today, on Friday morning, August 31st.

If you happen to be going to Seattle to attend next weeken's PAX Prime event, Runic Games will be out in force with eight PC stations running the near final version of Torchlight II. The website says, "We are prepared for a line, and want to give you the heads up that if that happens, we'll have devs on hand keeping play time to about 10-15 minutes, so everyone gets a session." The company will also sponsor a Torchlight cosplay contest at PAX Prime.

The original game came out in the fall of 2009. However, Runic recently released an infographic that shows that Torchlight II will have a lot more content compared to the original, not to mention online multiplayer that will add a lot more replay value to the game.

Source: Torchlight 2 website | Image via Runic Games

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Its a shame that I've spent a good chunk of the summer playing D3 and am currently completely burned out on the Action RPG genera...

I'm with PurpleHaze420: I'm bored of waiting...

Might check this game out in a month or two. I just picked up GW2 and promised some friends that I would at least play through the new dungeon content in Queefs of Panda-bear-land.

Announcement of an announcement. Yay.

Hopefully they didn't look too closely at D3's criticism and drastically change their game based on it. Otherwise I fear their game may end up being less awesome than it would have been.

Stay tuned to the Torchlight 2 "Not a Blog" posts on the official website, you'll know on the 30th instead of the 31st the release date. Thank you Travisbaldree.

I was going to play this as a time waster while I waited for Guild Wars 2, but now with GW2 coming out tonight... I'll still play it eventually, though, since I've already paid for it.

I can't wait to get my hands on that game. I played the beta and it's leaps and bounds better then the first game (Which I loved).

Honestly I have a lot of faith in Runic. I wouldn't be surprised if it were released that week, since they don't have to deal with putting out physical copies.

Was kinda hoping it would have been out already o_O With the BG enhanced edition coming out there is not enough time in the day.