Toshiba Announces First HD DVD-R Notebook

In late February 2007, Toshiba will release (in Japan) the first notebook with support for the write-once HD DVD-R optical disc format. The G30/97A notebook is an upgrade of Toshiba's hefty Qosmio G30 entertainment notebook. A few of the current models already include an HD DVD reader and are available worldwide.

The computer is powered by an Intel 2-GHz Core 2 Duo processor and has a 17-inch wide-screen display with 1920 by 1280 pixel resolution (HD movies are a go). The 10.6-pound machine will be running Windows Vista Home Premium and features a 320GB hard drive, digital TV tuner and HDMI output.

International launch plans and pricing have yet to be announced. Hitachi Maxell will begin selling HD DVD-R media on January 25, priced at around $12 for a single-side 15GB disc.

News source: PC World

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Isn't this old news? I thought they released this a while ago. In August the PC User magazine tested and benchmarked a Qosimo G30 which had a HD-DVD drive.

You're Correct <-- The article is dated March 2006.

Quote from Neowin's PC World URL:

The G30/97A will be an upgrade of existing models of Toshiba's hefty Qosmio G30 entertainment laptop. Some of those models already contain an HD DVD reader and are on sale in major markets worldwide.

So it's they're second HD-DVD notebook.

It's probably only getting attention because of the recent HD-DVD piracy news. Some smartasses are probably going to try and capitalize on it to sell products now. Be careful not to step in the bull****.

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