Toshiba claims Windows 7 PCs make up 99 percent of its business sales

Microsoft has been trying to convince big businesses to upgrade to Windows 8, and soon Windows 8.1, for about a year now. Yet many major PC makers still offer a way for large companies to get new PCs with Windows 7 installed. One of them is Toshiba and this week, a company executive stated that the vast majority of its PCs sold to businesses still use Windows 7.

When we say "vast majority", that's not an exaggeration. ZDNet quotes Toshiba's B2B product marketing manager Cindy Zwerling as saying, "From a business perspective, I would say 99 percent of our sales are Windows 7." She added, "At this point, there are few exceptions in corporate America in the enterprise space for Windows 8."

That's not good news for Microsoft, who would certainly like for more companies to take the leap to Windows 8 or 8.1. Many businesses are trying to get their PCs upgraded from Windows XP before Microsoft cuts off support for the OS on April 8th. Zwerling indicated that her customers are moving from XP to Windows 7, rather than Windows 8. She said that enterprise PC customers are for the most part, not even thinking about transitioning to Windows 8 at the moment.

Source: ZDNet | Image via Toshiba

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I haven't seen any big tablet advertising from Toshiba, they are stuck in the past and will likely be the next big manufacturer to die off, at least within the typical consumer market.

I've seen hundreds of win8 machines already in all business scenarios. businesses simply have deployment plans and most were upgrading to windows 7 already. they won't just change minds regardless of windows 8 touch ui.

and yes this is good news for msft as it means tons of businesses have rejected chromebooks.

I just finished setting up new dell optiplex pcs for my dads office last week, all running Windows 7. Most of the old pcs were running XP before. I have Windows 8 at home. From a business perspective, I really don't see any major benefits to Windows 8. If they were to be using Windows 8, they would just be on the desktop all the time anyways. Thats the biggest issue for Microsoft, is that Windows 8 is really gear towards either the mobile market or the home / student market. For the mobile business user it makes sense. However the learning curve for most business on desktops is just too great for Windows 8 at least right now. Windows 7, like XP does the basics just fine (Browser, Word/Outlook etc)

I have confirmed with our Select reseller that next to no one deploys Windows 8 over here. There's an alleged 700 workstation deployment underway for a pharmaceutical laboratory nearby, but so far it's radio silence on the results.
Everyone else is at best running Windows 7, and many other local govt establishments are still stuck on XP.
We (state level Fire Department) have been fortunate enough to be able to migrate to Win7 in 2011, Win8 or beyond aren't even on the radar for us.

...Which would be expected for most business purchase cycles. As they test and roll out Win 8/8.1 in the next year, this number will change and in 4 years when Windows 9 is shipping, they will be saying 99% of business sales are Windows 8.

The sky is still blue.

We have just finishing creating a Win8 SOE image. Rolling it out to a pilot group of 10 machine in the coming weeks.

We rolled out Win7 pretty quickly. Took 12 months!

Oh please, MOST businesses do not upgrade their PCs on a yearly basis. My company with their HP hardwares that made in 2008, just received the Windows 7 pro upgrade(after 4 years of Windows XP). So I'm not surprise at all.

Funny isnt it? companies are staying for 14 years using the same system and now people complain when they move to windows 7 after 1-2 years migration phase instead of windows 8

Of course 99% of purchases would be for windows 7- it's been on the market longer and has received 2 service packs. 8 is still new and unproven for the most part, and its first major improvement hasn't been officially released. Why do bloggers always act so surprised when reports like this come out? It took the majority of businesses forever just to move their asses off of Win XP.

mantragora said,
Can you provide the link for 2nd service pack?

I know that lots of people on these here site would love to get their hands on that 2nd service pack!

Not going to dispute it, but ""From a business perspective, I would say 99 percent of our sales are Windows 7" seems more like a stab in the dark than a proper metric.

99%, it's one of those figures you pull out of your you know where, when you want to make something sound bigger than what it is.. just sayin'

ZipZapRap said,
Not going to dispute it

I know 1 big US company with 450k employees and all their new laptops/PCs are being rolled out with Windows 7. There are no plans to run windows 8, although they all come with a windows 8 license.

99% does not surprise me one little bit.