Toshiba Lowers Prices of HD DVD Players in the USA

Toshiba has retained the discounted prices on its entry-level HD DVD players in the U.S.: the Toshiba HD-A2 player will stay at $299 and the HD-A20 at $399. The HD-XA2 will also reportedly remain at $799. During a recent campaign, end-users could obtain HD-A-series HD DVD players at lowered price and get 5 HD DVD movies for free. Now, Toshiba has decided the $100 instant-rebate was not a temporary one.

Speaking for the HD DVD Promotional Group, Universal Studios Home Entertainment executive vice president of HD strategic marketing Ken Graffeo said they've found that price is the biggest motivating factor for consumers when it comes to buying a player. In fact, the same thought was expressed by a Toshiba VP back in May ahead of the rebate promotion. "We know that price is a powerful driver for consumers to adopt new technology, which is why our rebate promotion is a great incentive to bring cinema-quality, high definition movies into your home today," said Jodi Sally, vice president of marketing at Toshiba America Consumer Products company.

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News source: Xbit Laboratories

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I've seen plenty of commercials that state "available on DVD and HD DVD". Of course i've seen plenty of blu-ray commercials as well.

I agree with TCLN, they need to advertise more. If I didn't visit tech sites like this, I doubt I would have ever heard of HD-DVD. I've never ever seen an ad for it, not on television or anywhere else. Most of the movie ads on TV say things like "Available on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc". Where is the HD-DVD advertising?

They need to do what VHS did with Betamax and sell them at a loss. If they sold a HD-DVD player for less than $200 or even $100, it'd practically win them the format war.

It wasn't so much that they sold them at a loss, VHS did extremely well because they were cheap to manufacture and didn't require royality and licensing payments to Sony. To put anything on Betamax you had to get approval. Not so with VSH.

I am a backer of the HD-DVD format, but I think it's going to lose the war with Blu-Ray.

Here in the UK I have never seen a single TV advert for the HD-DVD format, but I have seen movies being advertised as available in Blu-Ray. Also the number of HD-DVDs available to buy seems to be very low compared to Blu-Ray.

If HD-DVD want to succeed and beat Blu-Ray in the sales war, they really need to start focusing on more than just the USA.

Tend to agree, although there are no good blu-ray players available in the UK yet. Other than perhaps the PS3, which personally I don't want and isn't a very strong blu-ray player.