Toshiba tech paves way for 100Gb Flash chips

Toshiba has developed what it believes will be a key component of Flash chips capable of storing 100Gb of data. Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait four more generations of Flash technology to get it. By then, Flash chips will be made using a 10nm process, Toshiba reckons. Today's Flash chips are made at 65nm or greater. The next step is around 50nm, then 45nm and 32nm. By the time Flash makers reach the last of these, current 'floating gate' Flash designs are expected to become impractical.

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and1direct said,

I wouldnt be surprised if it was a Reg typo.

i agree it was probly a 'typo' but at the same time, who measures things in gigabits?............

xOwnage said,
How long is 4 generations anyway :wacko:

18 months * 4 = 6 years

By then people are dumping their HD/Blu-ray discs like they did with their VHS tapes, lol.