Toshiba Thrive Android tablet coming July 10

Toshiba, the company best known for its TV and its PC laptops, is finally throwing its hat into an already crowded tablet market. PC Magazine reports that Toshiba's first tablet device, titled the Toshiba Thrive, will launch on July 10. The tablet will be available exclusively from Best Buy retail stores in the US at first. There's no word on when the tablet will be sold at other retail outlets.

The Thrive tablet, like most of the non-Apple iPad tablets, is running a version of the Android operating system. There will apparently be three versions of the Thrive available for sale but all three will have a 10.1 inch display have will have Nvidia's dual core Tegra 2 processor inside. It also has a 2 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera.  It even has a replaceable battery, something the iPad doesn't have.

The 8 GB version of the Thrive is priced at $429.99 while the 16 GB version of the Thrive comes in at $479.99. Finally the 32 GB Thrive is priced at $579.99. You can also get a year's worth of support from Best Buy's Geek Squad team for $99.99.

The Thrive will join a host of other tablets that have been launched in the past several months including the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM Blackberry Playbook and most recently the HP TouchPad. So far none of these tablets have come close to dethroning Apple's iPad in terms of sales.

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i want to get two tablets to mod my car with i have a mifi so i put them into the back of the front seats and wa-la pimpin' but i aint paying these prices

Ahh, I'm pretty sure this is already on sale in Australia O.o

I looked at one yesterday when I was looking for a new laptop..

I thought it was quite cool, and I was a little surprised because I hadn't heard of a Toshi tablet coming to market :\

I Picked up an IPad because I do alot of travelling and though it would be a good replacement for my laptop. In many ways it has, but it still lacking many features that I would like to have included. IPad 2 really doesn't change enough for me to consider upgrading, but there are a few Tablets out there that are showing enormous promise, and I may just decided to pick up a different product. My only issue is that Apple (love them or hate them) put out a very dependable product.

The Halo said,
Still not convinced by Tablet PC's

me either, waiting for win8 tablets. think I might get an ipad in the meantime, just cause I know the ipad will hold its value so I can sell it. current android tablets will be worthless when quad cores are out.