Trackpad Settings app for Windows 8 updated to fix Surface Pro issue

This weekend, we reported on an issue that was being felt by owners of Microsoft's Surface Pro ever since the last firmware update for the PC was released earlier this month. A number of users posted on Microsoft's support forms after that update was released claiming the optional keyboard covers for the PC were no longer recognized by the Trackpad Settings app for Windows 8.

Microsoft said it was "aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible." Today, the Trackpad Settings app received an update that is supposed to fix the issue "which results in the App not recognizing your Touch or Type Cover." The update was also referenced in the company's support forums and at least Surface Pro owner claims in the message threat that the app update has now fixed his problem with the Touch Cover.

While that bug has now been corrected, there are some other minor issues that are still affecting Surface Pro owners. Perhaps the two biggest ones are improving the WiFi reception for the tablet along with fixing problems when using the Surface Pro's pen in certain applications. Microsoft has promised to give continuing updates for both the Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets in the coming months.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Because they don't have physical keyboard attachments? Of course, they have had other problems, every other version of iOS has WiFi problems, Macs have touchpad and keyboard problems, overheating, and more. But don't discuss those problems - because it makes you a hater.

Another problem, yawn, for a business oriented product that was released way before it was ready. That behavior is more appropriate for a company that makes toys. Certain, not for a company that claims to be making a product for use by companies.

And when Microsoft's competition has the same problems, when it is reported people whine about how biased this site is against those competitors and the haters need to stop.

Me, I would prefer that firmware fixes were made and then a few weeks later a small customization app that very few find a need for is fixed to reflect those firmware updates, but that is just me.

Relly does seem the norm these days to release buggy untested software/hardware and fix it later, it's not just MS doing it but they shouldn't be doing it at all, test before releasing things...