Tribes: Ascend gets first post-launch update

Tribes: Ascend, the revival of the classic sci-fi shooter series, launched last week as a free-to-play game via developer and publisher Hi-Rez Studios. The game has received mostly positive reviews from critics so far. Now Tribes: Ascend players can grab the first major content update for the game.

The Raid and Pillage Update adds some new content for the base destroying Raider class. It includes three new weapons. Players of the original Tribes many years ago will be happy to hear that the Plasma Gun is making a return appearance in Tribes Ascend in this new update. The NJ5-B sub-machine gun and the cluster grenade have also been added.

In addition, the Raid and Pillage update adds two new player skins, Griever and Mercenary. While all three new weapons can be unlocked for free via player XP, the new player skins can only be acquired via purchasing them via Tribes Gold. You can also unlock the new weapons via a Tribes Gold purchase if you want access to them right away.

Hi-Rez Studios has promised it will be adding new content for player classes like today's Raid and Pillage update every month. It will also be releasing other new content such as new maps in the coming months.

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I love playing Ascend, but I see a bad streak developing here. These new weapons are crazy out of balance in terms of making easy kills. Which means spend money = kill easy. While the traditional classic Tribes weapons get out gunned and are considerably less used. Proven refined talent of playing Tribes for a long time gives way to junk game play from what makes Tribes so unique. Every new weapon introduction is making me cringe.

Yeah and this update is idiotically imbalanced, and for this they will see a huge spike in purchases of gold today, which will encourage them to continue this trend.