Trillian Pro 2.01

Incorporating many bug fixes and minor enhancements, Trillian Pro 2.01 has been released! The goal of this build was to resolve outstanding issues and introduce a few important reliability pieces into the product. You can check out the changes via the link below. This download is available for all of our members.

We're already hard at work on exciting new features, which we'll be releasing into beta testing as soon as they're ready. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the beta process; your findings were extremely helpful in making Trillian a better product for everyone! We hope everyone enjoys the latest build. Thanks for your support!

[ List of Changes ]

~The Cerulean Studios Team

Download: Trillian Pro 2.01 (Req. login)

News source: Cerulean Studios Customer Center (Req. login)

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My only gripe is that I only see the font colors of my buddies and not the FONT FACE that they choose to use. For that small little reason, I refuse to use it.

it's not a benefit to me. It's an annoyance. It makes things harder to read for me because it's all the same font, I actually prefer the normal way where both fonts are different because it's just easier to differ. I tend to focus on the font face before i look at the color.