Try Windows Home Server for 120 days

Microsoft is offering a 4 month trial of Windows Home Server for evaluation purposes. The Windows Home Server 120-Day Evaluation Kit includes a Windows Home Server Installation DVD, a Windows Home Server Connector CD and a Home Computer Restore CD. A backup is recommended prior to installation as the setup process for server installation will erase any existing data. Microsoft provides the minimum specifications, which aren't very high at all, and minimum requirements on the website below. The software giant also notes that a wireless connection between Windows Home Server and the network is not supported, although home computers connected wirelessly to the wireless router can access the Home Server.

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News source: Microsoft

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This home Server approach is interesting as it has features that can suit anybody with at least 4 or more PCs at home.
The only downside is that you really need to have a spare pc to use as a server.

will try it to see what it has to offer.

The usability "features" should have been folded into XP or, more likely, Vista, not been wedged into YET ANOTHER Microsoft "product" SKU. It's just a barebones XP/Server 2003 with new wizards after all. And we ALL know how badly Vista needs something/anything besides Aero to sell it...ahem.

beta? they already released the final version..why would they trial an inferior beta version? they're trying to get customers, not scare them away..

I agree aswell - very lame of MS to not offer an ISO for immediate download.

But then again this is not the place to say it.. we should email the WHS team and tell them that we also want a way to download an .iso version aswell..

I agree - very lame of MS to not offer an ISO for immediate download.
It is after all, a 4-month trial version. It's not like it is an actual product you are buying.
Why on earth would you want to PAY for a trial, the whole idea is to let you try it, like it and buy it.

Was looking at this earlier on, wish it had a download but I spose they have to get something back for what is a generous 4 month trial.

Funny I was just at the Windows Home Server web site minutes ago and saw the 120-day trial offer link. I'd say, for those enthusiasts, if you have a couple of hundred gigs of storage in an old rig that's sitting around, try it out. For anyone else, though, including myself, I'd rather spend the $150 on 750GB of extra storage.

I'm not sure if it's really aimed at enthusiast...infact I'd say its very much aimed at those users that don't want a hands on solution or want to play around with anything an aweful lot. A HDD will work sure but it'll lack certain abilities such as automated backups without additional software.

It's too bad you can't download the image and try it from the MS severs.
I'm not paying $9.99 to try something when I can download it elsewhere for free and decide there.