TshirtOS: the world's first internet-ready t-shirt

The clothing market is a strange nut to crack. Some companies garner a reputation for quality immediately, and others take years to reach that same point if they ever do. None of these companies have ever made a t-shirt with internet connectivity, as far as I am aware.

Someone had to do it. This is "tshirtOS", and it's exactly what the name suggests. It's a t-shirt running an operating system, and it's even 100% cotton! The t-shirt is a prototype at present, and may never become a reality. It's the sort of weird futuristic thing that leaves you completely stumped. Would you want one?

Their concept suggests that the shirt could come with an LCD display (no word on the subpixel layout), a microphone, and a camera. To the joy of photographers everywhere, it could come with Instagram support too, so you could potentially share your finest images on one t-shirt. It really is an odd design.

Cleverly the video never mentions the cost of the prototype, but we'll guess it wasn't low. Something about working a screen, microphone and camera into a t-shirt doesn't seem cheap.

Hippies in the '60s tie-dyed their t-shirts. With something like this, all you need is a high-enough resolution snapshot of tie-dye. It all depends on how great demand for the shirt is. Their site, tshirtos.com, does redirect to Facebook, so it could be an elaborate hoax. Even if it is, they have to be given credit for a very creative online joke.

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At first I thought it was Lumalive (philips) finally but then I changed my mind.
It looks more like a joke with an LCD panel wall mounted and the t-shirt just hung on the front of it.

Also some of the stuff he is holding up, one looked like a mini arduino circuit board or something similar from ada fruit for wearable clothing lights etc

It might be feasible to have this device powered by static electricity. Simply stand on carpet and rub feet for 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. lol.

This idea is way ahead of it's time. Maybe in a few years from now, people will start to adopt it slowly. But for now, it is something that people can't relate to.

This idea is what I see on tv where there were 5 judge was trying to judge in your invention and if it looks good they will offer a certain amount of money to help you start up your company. Sometimes they even take care of the advertisement for you when they really like the product you came up with. Well, in that episode, that guy fail. Non of those business man (well there was one lady) would buy into his invention. So they all say no thanks to his idea. I believe this came from the same person that was on tv that time.

It does look like a joke, or a smart attention-grabbing PR campaign.

Ballantine's are in the business of distilling whiskey, not making apparels or gadgets.

An LCD display would be extremely uncomfortable even in a 100% cotton T-shirt! I thought they came up with an innovative way to embed a screen in a T-shirt, with the screen made from treated cotton, and perhaps a cotton-based battery to power the screen - now that would be cool.