Turkey plans to pixelate Twitter posts that contain 'malicious content'

For the past month popular social networking site Twitter has been under siege in Turkey, following a complete ban by the Erdogan administration for several days in March. The ban was quickly overturned, but now Twitter users in Turkey will see a different type of censorship -- blurring and pixelated posts.

The popular Turkish news outlet Hurriyet Daily News reports that the government, after talks with executives of Twitter, "have reached a consensus to 'neutralize' malicious content that is the object of court decisions by pixelating." The statement added that the Turkish government and Twitter have also agreed to stay in touch in order to solve any possible conflicts "quickly and effectively." That could include having Twitter set up an office in the country in the future.

It sounds like Twitter has negotiated a kind of "censorship agreement" with the Turkish government that will allow the site to continue to be accessible in the country, despite potential filtering. However, this is likely not the end of the fight between the two parties. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who previously banned Twitter in Turkey, has since accused Twitter of being "guilty of tax evasion." Add it all up, and it sounds like this solution is more like a temporary Band-Aid than a long-term compromise. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News | Image via Hurriyet Daily News

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Hi all.
Is that Neowin's "censorship" agreement or COMMUNITY RULES?

...These rules are very basic and we hope that you read them fully. If we find that you break any of these rules, your account may be DISABLED and your posting privileges REMOVED. (which Twitter do not apply these rules in Turkey)

No Cursing or Swear Words
...We do not tolerate circumvention of our word filter or ABUSE UPON ANOTHER MEMBER. As stated above, we are a forum for all ages and expect posts to be family / work friendly.
(which Twitter do not apply that rule in Turkey)

No Racism, Threatening, No Victimization or Hateful Posts / Retaliation
If you are a long standing member, act like one; lead by example and assist other newer users rather than attacking them. We look upon our veteran users to use this opportunity to teach the newer users the appropriate way to conduct themselves in this community.
(which Twitter do not apply that rule in Turkey)

No Personal Attacks or Retaliation
Personal attacks such as instigating "flame bait", VERBAL ABUSE, mocking or sexist remarks of members is NOT TOLERATED at Neowin. Such content will be DELETED on sight or moderated accordingly.
(which Twitter do not apply that rule in Turkey)

As above, if you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather than attacking them. Members that reply to simply instigate argument will be WARNED / SUSPENDED from forum areas."

and also Neowin writes before you post...
"Rule breaking has consequences; think before you post " :) ?

It is not a "cencorship" agreement, it is basic and universal COMMUNITY RULES which is not applied by Twitter in Turkey. There was a double standard that the Twitter management ignored court orders taken in Turkey, although in the past they followed verdicts issued in other Western countries.
After all, Twitter understood the issue.

It is not a "cencorship" agreement, it is COMMUNITY RULES.


A government that spies on its people even though its against the law....A country that invades a new country every 5-10 years and forces its policy down their throats...a country that has police that will put you in jail without cuase, beat you, shoot/kill you and strip you of your civil rights and then try and cover it up and when they get caught, little and maybe no real punishment, a country that still finds it difficult to elect a female president and still treats women and second-class citizens and took over 100 years to elect a black president...a country that still to this day has extreme racist problems with anyone that is not white and/or a Christian/Catholic....a country that has a standard for others to follow, but does not hold itself to that same standard....a country that is responsible for more wars and more global death than any other country, but labels it as liberation/democracy....a country that claims democracy, but will dismiss it in favor of capitalism and more power...I country that has it's media under complete control and can throw in jail any reporter that attempts to report stories the government doesn't like (due to NATIONAL SECURITY)...A country that can detain and imprison 1000's and 1000's of people (foreign and domestic) without any due process...a country that AT WILL can dismiss its constitution and all civil rights under the war powers and patriot act bill. I country that has a military that is raping women everyday and not one soldier ever goes to jail.....A country that requires hate crime laws because its citizen will throw stones, spit on, burn down, and cause crazy acts of violence against ANYONE that doesn't share their views or look the way they want them to or live the way they expect you to....

Yeah, I could go on and on....

Don't judge before you look in the mirror....We Americans are just as guilty as those we call crazy and terrorist. And make no mistake...we have plenty of blood on our hands that would easily put US in the terrorist category...

If 1000 muslins go out and kill 1000 Christians...is that somehow different than 1000 Christians killing 1000 muslins....And should the acts of the 1-2 percent give us the right to categorize the other 98-99 percent...

Stop letting CNN and Fox News be your only form of information. Get on a plane and go visit these countries. They are VERY amazing and filled with AMAZING people...They live a life that we Americans use to have before we let our government and corporations take it from us.

We have never had a president use his power to push his extreme views and strip its people of civil rights…cough-cough….George Bush!

Now, watch Neowin censor this post...

Hi Intel08. i did have the chance of visiting Turkey 7 years ago or so and did see the simple life there... Indeed your comparison seems right on the spot and based on those facts, America is to be blamed as well, but for other reasons.
All I am saying is that religion and freedom of speech should not cancel each other (if I get facts straight)

Intel008 said,
Wow man, post of the year! I'm saving this for later. Glad to know people like you still exist in this day.

opps, intel, already you got a Turkish wife, so no more promoting Turkish women lol :) just joking. Well done, your wife should be proud of you. I completely agree with you. So not adding anything.

As an American man married to a Turkish woman I have become very educated on how Turkey operates (The people, the government, the military and the worlds view on Turkey). I travel to Turkey twice per year.

Reading this article is not surprising in the slightest, but I am disappointed that Twitter would have agreed to this. They should have said NO.

Unfortunately Erdogan will continue to be in power so long as he continues to bride the poor and uneducated citizens of Turkey. Like many politicians and countries (America included) he has made a political career by giving the poor people food and left over scrap money and resources. For spoiled countries like America you cannot get a teenager to get off their butt for $20, but you give that $20 to a poor person in Mexico and that person would kill someone for you. Turkey is much like this. There is no middle-class, and there are many poor and uneducated people in Turkey….Roughly half their population. This allows Erdogan to stay in power…The poor keep voting for him and guess what…they don't have computers and they don't even know what TWITTER is.

The rich, well-off and educated people of Turkey (The other half of the population) hates Erdogan. The riots you witnessed on CNN last year were the college kids of Turkey speaking out against him. Make no mistake, poor people could not afford to live in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey that were so well covered on the news. The rich people want Erdogan to go away…BUT….He has been in power for 12 years now and like all politicians….he started out doing great things for Turkey and he is responsible for Turkey's VERY STRONG economic growth. Even the EU is looking hard at Turkey as a possible member if Turkey can deal with the PKK terrorist and some human rights issues. BUT, I think his power and early good reputation has gone to his head and now he is trying to use some of that established power to push his hidden and extreme views. The United States of America loves Turkey and Erdogan. We have 4-5 military bases in Turkey and Turkey is the gateway/connection for the western world into the mid-east. Every time we have a problem with the Mid-East and need a negotiator/mediator…Guess who Pres Obama calls? The two Iraq wars and all the other wars the USA kicks off over there....Guess where our fighter jets take off from…

So sad to hear about Twitter, but make no mistake. The 50 percent of educated and well off people with Internet connections are very resourceful people and they know how to use VPN and Proxy servers.

Will Erdogan go too far and get removed...I hope so…We will wait and see. His party (Senators) just won the election2-3 weeks ago…. Like the American government...We have lots of politicians that need to go away..They have been there too long.

I am scheduled to go to my Turkish in-laws wedding in Sept. in Anakara and Instanbul and Izmir. I love Turkey…Great food, beautiful women and genuine hearted people.

Something tells me this PM isn't gonna be in office much longer..

The Turkish Military have a tendency to throw out the gov't when they start getting a little extreme (in fact they are Obligated to if the Gov't stops being Secular).. Always found that relationship in Turkey of the Military keeping the Civilian gov't in check to be rather unique, but it's worked for them.

Yes Military (secularists) being in charge is what kept Turkey "alive" all these years. This new Islamist gov a little more and is gonna ruin everything -they don't have a clue even how to keep good relationships with the Nations around that hate Turkey. And I'm not even talking about the internal problems and the chasm they create.