Tweet anywhere in the world with "Please, don't stalk me!"

Ever felt the need to Tweet from anywhere in the world, or just annoy, trick or a throw off a stalker?

Now it's possible, using a service called "Please, don't stalk me!" After authorising the app via Twitter, you will be able to post a Tweet from anywhere in the world, below is an example using my own account.

First locate a place in the world you want to Tweet from:

Let the shenanigans begin!

And the resulting magic:

The possibilities are endless, and one has to wonder how long this will even remain possible, as it could be used to fool a significant other, or employer about where you actually are; but even so we think this is a cool app.

The tool does add an extra layer of privacy that might warrant such a use, but it can also cause a fair bit of problems or confusion as evidenced by my being contacted while writing up this story, asking if I really was in Redmond! (I'm actually in The Netherlands right now).

But in any case, have fun playing with it.

Source: The Next Web

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I like that this can cause abuse. Why? Because Twitter removed the client info from the tweets in their stupid battle against third-party clients. It's about time they get to see the other side of that coin. If they had not done this, it would be easy to see how these tweets weren't posted via official methods.

Neobond said,
Yes, adding a one time false location might be handy though

Baby i am still at the supermarket! *Where are the damn biers??? from *Local Supermaket Name*, *Your City*