Tweetro+ Windows 8 app gets a $4.99 holiday sale

Earlier this month, Lazyworm Applications relaunched its popular Twitter app for Windows 8, Tweetro, as a paid application. The new version, Tweetro+, was priced at $9.99 at the time, with plans to raise the price of the app to $12.99 after just a couple of weeks.

Now it looks like the development team has decided to give Windows 8 owners a bit of a break for the holidays. The company sent Neowin an email announcing that the price of Tweetro+ has been lowered to just $4.99 for the holiday season. In addition, Lazyworm Applications co-founder Atta Elayyan told us, "Customers who have already purchased the app can also take advantage of the $0.99 in-app purchase for extra account slots (was $2.99)."

Elayyan also gave us an update on the overall sales of Tweetro+, telling Neowin, "Tweetro+ sales have been steady since we re-launched at $9.99 however the numbers have been well below expectations.  Despite this, we’re currently the top paid app in the social category and in the top 10 out of all paid apps in the US Store.  So in the scheme of things, it appears we’re not doing too badly." It's more than likely that this $4.99 holiday sale will do a lot to boost sales of Tweetro+.

Keep in mind that, due to Twitter's own rules, third party apps cannot have more than 100,000 accounts. That means Tweetro+ will be pulled from sale once it reaches that level.

Source: Tweetro | Image via Lazyworm Applications

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Its not a bad app and not a bad price but twittro does a good job for me at the moment not having crash's or anything like others have said, maybe i am just lucky heh. But yeah its a nice app the developers of this have taken much time to create it and its had allot of love and it does show in the app.

I just don't get it. Why would I pay $5 for an app that will probably be pulled in the future anyway? Who at Twitter thought this was a good idea? Why not just allow for paid plans to have above 100,000 users. They aren't even competing against Twitter themselves since there is no official Twitter app for Win 8 yet.

I'm tempted to buy it, because MetroTwit always crashes when I use it. But knowing that Twitter will be releasing an official free app soon (even though it'll be full of sponsored tweets), I'd rather get that.

Too bad Twitter's new rules are screwing over anyone who wasn't grandfathered into their up-to-twice-current-users limit.

Good app though.

I'm not a developer, but why can't they make several different versions where only the API key (account number) is different? Maybe that's not allowed by Twitter. Just curious.