Twitter experimenting with DMs for breaking news

Twitter seems to be experimenting with a new feature that would bring breaking news directly into users’ inboxes.

A new account dubbed @eventparrot has showed up on the popular social network with the description stating: “This is a Twitter experiment. Follow me to receive direct messages that help you keep up with what's happening in the world”. Users following this account receive DMs with breaking news and links to popular news outlets such as CNN.

The account hasn't been officially endorsed by Twitter just yet, but due to its similarity to another successful Twitter experiment, @MagicRecs, and the fact that @eventparrot is followed by Twitter staff we can make an educated guess and say this is probably official.

Company execs have publicly said that they are constantly experimenting with new ways to bring important info to their users, and with a looming IPO you can be sure Twitter is looking for ways to bolster its future earning potential.

Source: @eventparrot via: TNW | Image via TNW

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Started following. Unlike the previous comments, I have an open mind. Let's not be children an dismiss things without trying it out first.

Dismissive I see. I get my news from sites by following certain account on Twitter. What does it hurt? But this site and this crowd is a bunch of closed-minded wannabe techies. I am glad I am so different than the people on this site.

Jaxkesa said,
No thanks, if I want news I'll go to a news site.

It'd be nice if I could get all the news from hundreds of sources, not just one or two sites, sent straight to my phone if I want it. If only such a source existed....oh...wait.
Narrow minded much?

Thanks for your intellectual response. I love how someone who clearly doesn't use the site, and has given no reason as to why it's awful, can make a comment like that.

/s (y'know, in case you didn't understand it was sarcasm)