Twitter finally releases native Windows 8/RT app

Twitter has finally pulled back the covers on a native Windows 8/RT application. The long awaited app should appease many users who were not satisfied with third-party options.

The application brings the best of Twitter to Windows 8 and RT and should appease those who have been waiting for the client.

One item we will be watching closely is how fast Twitter updates this application to keep it features in-line with its other products. The Windows Phone 8 official Twitter application was left stagnent for many months before it finally received an update earlier this year.

View: Windows 8 Twitter app

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I'm really glad that they created their own; finally! I'm not-so impressed with the fact that the tweets don't go all the way to the ends of the screen. It's too much in the center if you ask me. Other than that, I love it, and I'll be using it.

A good start, I guess. I'd really like Twitter to just port Tweetdeck into Metro. How had can that be? Tweetdeck is already a webapp.

Still using the Peoples hub for most of my social browsing, not a heavy social media user.
Although I really liked the way Tweetro did it's thing. Now the + version is s bit too price imho.

Max Norris said,
So pin it to the side and do something else.

Does this allow you to see your latest tweets (or at least when you get a new tweet directed at you, i.e. a mention) in the meantime, like what you'd get if you had it windowed? Or is it hidden completely? Sorry, not introduced to all Windows 8 features.

It's a very decent app. It's so much better than the unofficial ones made before. It has live notifications for every Twitter activity. Links are also opened in a built-in browser windows so there's no navigating out of the app to open links.

It's a solid good start.

The new official app they just released for WP8 is much better, but for a first release, this is really nice!

at least its functional unlike all free 3rd party apps. snap it to the left or right wasted space solved. i will keep rowi hoping for more features in the future

My experience with the third-party Twitter apps on my Surface RT have been less than stellar and I've used MetroTwit, Rowi, and Tweetro (not + though). This official one is the first to just work, I find it clean and simple, and the snap view is exactly what I've been looking for. It's lacking some things, but I'm sure they'll be added as well as new features as Twitter builds them out.

The UI when the app is full screen could use some work to make it more dense, but the docked view is excellent. And it's the only Twitter app I've used so far that has push notifications working correctly.

I personally think this is a very lame attempt for a company like Twitter considering that every other third party app looks and works much better than this. I mean this is as basic and bare bones looking as it gets...

Compared to the apps already available, this looks like it was a quick creation to attempt to satisfy the masses. I don't use Twitter really, but there are far better choices for a Twitter app on Win8.

The only thing I would use this for is sharing images via the WindowsRT as for some reason the current OS level integration via the people app only allows information to be shared not images from the pictures app...

All that's missing is a feature to tell you where your unread tweets start. Otherwise, it's a very stable app that looks great.

I tell you what, full screen its meh, but snap it to the side and it is beautiful!! Hated it full screen but absolutely love it snapped to the sides!!!

virtorio said,
Seems perfectly functional. What's the problem with it?

Full screen view is a waste of space and no lists support for starters.

This is good news but I quite like Rowi so I'll stick with it for now until twitter finds some way to kill it like others.