Twitter for business - Ways to tap the power of the tweet

Twitter is one of the best micro-blogging service that allows users to send and receive other user's updates. Personally I feel Twitter is a valuable and the easiest service to update your friends on your current status. Can Twitter also be a valuable tool for business?

ComputerWorld's article on Twitter for business focuses on how businesses can make use of this 'micro-blogging' service effectively.

Deciding whether to use or not to use Twitter for your business is totally acceptable and thus deciding what your purpose is very important. One of the cool things in Twitter is, you can 'follow' people you like and you will receive all their updates. Following right people becomes an integral part, as following your customers, clients, colleagues and thought leaders in your field not only shows that you want to hear what they have to say but it also encourages them to follow you, and it lets them contact you privately if they choose.

The article is worth a read if you are planning to use twitter now or in the near future for your business!

If you haven't started tweeting yet, why not try now? ;)

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I like twitter for it's social networking, so friends can look online to see what I am doing, or where I am.

I closed my twitter account when I got more than 20 unsolicited business followers. I have never been a customer of any of these businesses, and following me on a service that I use with my friends is unlikely to make me a customer in the future.

It's not that I don't like the idea of a business using a social networking site, I just don't think it should be done in this way. It's like junk mail 3.0 (spam being 2.0).

A better method might be on your website, brochure, bills or receipts, or whatever, tell customers "We use twitter! Follow us for a 5% discount!" or something. Then it's both opt-in and has a nice bonus for spreading the word.

Finally, a way to let all my friends know exactly what I had for breakfast and how I felt about it.

Oh, wait. NO ONE cares!

C_Guy said,
Finally, a way to let all my friends know exactly what I had for breakfast and how I felt about it.

Oh, wait. NO ONE cares!

Andre said,

I certainly do not care, but you'd be surprised how many people do...
On another note, if this is a 'news' post, then it is certainly lacking objectivity...