Twitter for Mac receives first update since 2011

In a once in a blue moon situation, Twitter has updated its client for OS X, Twitter for Mac, updating it to version 2.2 with a slew of new features and improvements finally bringing it up to par with its iOS and Windows siblings. 

Twitter announced the update in a blog post, revealing the application now supports Macs with retina displays, keyboard shortcuts and finally allows users to post pictures alongside their tweets. The app also has been updated to include support for fourteen new languages including Italian, French, Simplified Chinese and more. 

Twitter has been fairly slack with its updates for its Mac client, which originally was Tweetie for Mac before Twitter acquired both the iOS version and the Mac version as well as their creator Loren Brichter in early 2010. This is the first update since 2011 for the client, which was missing many of its Windows and iOS siblings features as Twitter tries to push its users more towards its web based apps. 

The celebrations don't stop there for Mac users either, with Twitter developer Ben Sandofsky tweeting that he will now be working full-time on Twitter's OS X client, which hopefully indicates that the client will receive regular updates from now on. 

Twitter for Mac 2.2 requires OS X 10.6 or later, and it can be downloaded for free directly from the Mac App Store.

Source: Twitter via Macworld | Image via Macworld

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I've been using TweetDeck and I've no reason to go back to Twitter's main client. It's far more robust in features. But I do like the overall design of Twitter's main app. I wish they'd add TweetDeck's features.

Horrible client. I checked it out and it doesn't even support conversations or tweet cards with previews of images, video clips, blog posts, etc. Surprising since it's features in the official web interface. If you click on a tweet in the web interface, you'll see both the replies to the tweet and anything the tweet was a reply to. But this...

The only consolidation is that Twitter said that we should look out for further updates to it in the future. I have a feeling this is what they're planning. Right now it's a client in 2013 with features from 2009.

Excellent. I was getting really sick of the fuzzy text/graphics.

I really like Tweetbot, but there's no way I'm paying $24 (NZ) for a Twitter client.

harrytuckerr said,
I don't think there is any justification for $24 on a social network client. Ever.

Limited tokens… Tweetbot creators came to the conclusion that nobody will buy a 23$ client, use a token, and stop using the client after 2 days.

Twitter is to blame in my opinion, not Tweetbot