Twitter hit with outage problems today

It's been a few months since Twitter has had some extensive downtime (the last time was in July 2012) but today some users of the popular social networking service have had problems accessing their accounts as well as others.

The Twitter status update page does admit to some general problems but there are no specifics yet on what's causing the latest outages. The page adds, "Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue." suggests as a joke that today's Twitter problems may be due to Justin Bieber. The pop star is apparently very close to surpassing Lady Gaga as the person with the most Twitter followers. Is it possible that Twitter's servers can't take the strain of the many people who have Bieber fever on Twitter?

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Update: Twitter's status page now says the issues that hit the service earlier today have now been resolved

Source: Twitter status page | Image via Twitter

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Seems to have started when their shortlinks started to get on and off, now it seems the whole system is down

Wonder if it was another Aus hoster which took it down >_<

Strange thing is I can tweet about the issue but I cant load >_<

I was having issues updating my profile picture last night. Took over 6 hours. It wasn't until I actually tweeted support that magically, my profile picture changed.

Dutchie64 said,
who cares..... you lived your life before Twitter, you'll go on after it....

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