Twitter making money, while takeover is a rumour

It seems that all the talk of Google, Microsoft or Facebook buying up Twitter for $10 billion was just a rumour, if Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo is to be believed that is.

According to TNW, when asked at Mobile World Congress if Google was in talks about buying up the popular social networking site, Dick Costolo said “I don’t know where these things come from. It’s just a rumour."

In another question that related to whether the company was talking to Facebook, Costolo remained tight lipped on the subject.

Both Google and Facebook have expressed an interest in buying Twitter in the past and have kept the lines of communication open, people familiar with the matter said. One of these people said companies including Facebook and Google have expressed "latent interest" in an acquisition.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Dick Costolo has also said that the company is already making money from Tweets, although he didn’t go into detail about how much money they were making.

The CEO did however say that he wanted to make the service even more simple to use and have a unified look across all platforms so that users will not have to work out how to post a tweet each time they switch from one device to another.

Image Source: TNW

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I still don't get why people use Twitter that much. I mean, it provides certain functionality, but if one start following an increasing number of accounts/people its a PITA to sort the tweets and be able to read something useful (and sometimes coherent with their short messages and URLs).

I'm all for social networks, but I think Twitter lacks a change in their interface of something to make it more appealing, at least to me, that is.

I'd like Twitter to remain independent from other companies buying it out. At the moment it is a very successful service despite the fact it's difficult to see exactly how it is making money, but I don't like Facebook that much. I want to keep Facebook and Twitter separate: I use them for different reasons. If it merged the two, I'd see other services similar to Twitter emerging. Sure, none of them are really going to be amazing in comparison considering the size of Twitter, but I imagine they'd serve the same purpose.

Uplift said,
I'd be disappointed to see it plastered with Facebook integration and all the other crap that comes with it.

Aye. Windows Live integration on the other hand, would be perfect.

I wouldn't like it to be bought. It's doing great on its own and I don't see how these companies can help it, they would only help themselves.

Glendi said,
I wouldn't like it to be bought. It's doing great on its own and I don't see how these companies can help it, they would only help themselves.

If by doing great you mean has no discernible way to make money currently (despite what the CEO says), then yes.

Sounds good that Twitter is making money, but Google or Facebook acquiring them, especially Facebook, would make them really powerful. If Facebook acquired them, they would effectively have no competition.