Twitter reveals new web profile page design with even bigger images

Twitter has been adding more features to its service lately, such as photo tagging and multiple image uploads in one tweet. Today, the company revealed plans for a major revamp of its web-based profile pages, with some notable people already able to use the new design.

The official Twitter blog shows that the new look includes a much larger header image along with a bigger profile photo that looks a bit like Facebook's design. However, the new look is not just skin deep, this time. Twitter says that the web profile page will also allow users to see their "best tweets" more clearly, as posts with more retweets and interaction will be larger than others.

Also, users can pin a post up to the top of their profile page. This will be very helpful for businesses, media organizations and celebrities who want to keep a major news "tweet" front and center. Finally, there will be new filters so that people can disregard posts from others that don't have photos or have no replies.

A small number of Twitter users can already use and display their new profile pages, such as First Lady Michelle Obama and actor Channing Tatum. Twitter plans to roll out the design to the rest of its users over the coming weeks.

Source: Twitter | Image via Twitter

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I loved twitter for its simplicity. Recently it's becoming more and more like facebook. They're trying to fix something that wasn't broken. They had their promoted tweets set up a while back which were fine and understandable as a source of revenue. However everything else seems incredibly useless... Been using it less these days.

I like it! Yes, it's more like Facebook but without the Facebook apps posting automated stuff, without its much more invasive ads and autoplaying videos, without a horribly battery-draining app, and without Facebook's sorting and filtering algorithm. What a concept to actually show everything from the people you follow!

I'm not even sure people in general realize this. Seems like users should be more up in arms if they did. Facebook controls both the order of the newsfeed (it's not necessarily chronological) as well as _what you see_. It only shows you things from people it thinks you want to interact with. Others are simply filtered. Friends? Doesn't matter. It's easy to see the effects of this if you go to a friend you've rarely seen anything from lately, and then notices his/her feed is full of new stuff...

You can set the sorting order to "Recent first" which solves all this, but Facebook doesn't care to remember that one since several years ago.

I like it.

Actually, I think Twitter does a pretty great job with their designs. To those saying it looks like Facebook, I call BS! Looks way better than Facebook, and everything is still laid out in an organized manner, again unlike Facebook lol.

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