Twitter says 'no' to Facebook acquisition

Twitter has become a worldwide phenomenon with nearly every tech savvy person out there using it, you constantly hear among the technology circles "hey I tweeted that" or "yeah I read that on Rappy's twitter" so it would come to no surprise that someone will want to acquire them.

Every 6 months or so, Twitter asks many companies to help fund their next year and if you look at their total funding it amounts to a very helpful $20 million. Another selling point for Twitter would be the user base. When Twitter first started it was only a few hundred users that would post their statuses and it was a small easily run company, now it boasts a total of around 6 million people registered users and recently hit the 1 billion tweet mark.

So who recently put their offer to buy Twitter? Facebook, which in some circles would be no surprise as recently their remodeling of the front end of Facebook has seen the addition of a status posting tool which strikes a very similar purpose to Twitter. Facebook is a highly sought after company themselves (recently being looked at by Microsoft) but it wouldn't hurt to have a company or two under their portfolio and their funding would certainly allow them to buy Twitter, but the price talked around was near $500 million (with $100 million of that in cash and the rest in stocks).

Talks were recently held between Facebook and Twitter but broke down when the actual price of Twitter's stocks weren't agreed on. Another factor in the breakdown was the revenue potential of Twitter, seeing as they currently don't have advertisements on the site, no revenue is currently being generated.

Don't forget you can also follow Neowin on twitter.

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For starters, it allows you to let everyone know you're taking a dump... by sending a text on your phone.

Not that Facebook statuses do the same thing.

rm20010 said,
For starters, it allows you to let everyone know you're taking a dump... by sending a text on your phone.

Not that Facebook statuses do the same thing. :)

And why do we need to do this?? Are people really interested? Do people have nothing better to do? Is it for bragging rights? To have more "what I am doing right now moments"?

I think it's useful for something like a journalist at a press show giving one line updates on what they are up to but generally I couldn't care less about what most people are doing either.

You mean it's not important for you to broadcast what you ate for breakfast so all your friends can check on that? Sheesh its like you have a life or something

While many of us aren't into micro-blogging, to the rest of the world it's yet another new thing that everyone loves doing. Personally I don't see the point of Micro-blogging, hell, I hardly use the Facebook status as it is already.

Gotta call BS on the opening paragraph. I'm tech savvy - I'm a software developer for a very large company. I know many tech savvy people. I don't know anyone that even talks about twitter never mind actually uses it. OK, so maybe some people are so needy that they think that everyone wants to know what they're doing every second of the day, personally I think that's very creepy.

After reading this it seems more like a PR message from twitter then any article. Or im i the only one thinking that

'Twitter is the first thing on the web that I've been excited about in ages.'
- Jason Kottke, Blogger

Now there's a man in need of some new bookmarks!

"with nearly every tech savvy person out there using it"

Ha ha ha, no, actually, most tech savvy people have a life and don't need to "twitter" what kind of tea they had for breakfast or their latest whine about the world. Here's a newsflash: No one cares.

Twitter - Putting the twit back into your life.

Twitter - Where twits and twats unite.

Twitter - You know how you like, look back into the bowl after you take a dump with a sort of morbid curiosity, but then flush anyway? Yeah, we're like that.

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