Twitter supposedly used to control house lights

We'll preface this by saying this whole thing could be one giant hoax, but it's most certainly within the realm of possibility.

We're told it's a mixture of Insteon, SMS and Twitter, all of which are utilized in order to give one particular homeowner the ability to activate / turn off lights remotely by sending a specific message to the latter.

If you're interest is unquestionably piqued, click on through to check out the video -- 'tis a shame there's no how-to guide to be found.

Video: Vimeo (Control Lights with Twitter)

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This does not actually require any electronic knowledge. Insteon already feature computer interface to turn on/off lights. Also, there's already a bunch of way to control your whole house electric/electronic appliance via a computer and a remote. Not very hard to put all that via a software that start a macro when a certain trigger happen. In fact, a simple plug-in via 2 programs will do. Nothing hard in there.

If you can make a hard drive spin through software, why would you not be able to turn lights on and off the same way? Just get yourself a USB light switch [as soon as somebody invents one!]

why wouldn't it be possible, it's not even that hard to accomplish from the ground up yourself if you have a basic knowledge of electronics and programming