Twitter woes cause site to disable new Twitter design [update]

Twitter has been experiencing ongoing problems with displaying home timelines today and has continuously been disabling features. At first, the company decided to revert back to its old design; then, just a few minutes later, it removed Trends from the homepage, as voiced by the company itself through its status blog.

The cause of Twitter's homepage woes has been attributed to much speculation of security breaches, which Twitter has denied. Users of the Huffington Post have sent the website screen caps of a supposed new homepage that they claim Twitter was testing. The new homepage urges users to "follow your interests."

Yesterday, the site launched a new feature that coincides with the new redesign with interests in mind. Twitter now shows users respective Twitter profile accounts that coincide with the terms they're searching for on the site. "Searching for 'hip hop' now surfaces accounts like @common," the company used as an example to explain the feature in a blog post. PCMag notes that the return of Jack Dorsey as executive chairman could have something to do with the (perhaps) new redesign.

The company has not said when the New Twitter design will return.

Update: Shortly after this article was written, the New Twitter design made its way back. It was restored at around 00:19:25 UTC according to Twitter. Trends still remains disabled.

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Saw the new design last night. I signed in, and my feed was full of people I wasn't following - and I don't mean retweets, it was completely the wrong feed. A refresh fixed it, but I imagine it was one of the issues relating to this.

I can confirm I saw that new design earlier today, and it was a little offputting when you're used to what it has been, but it's rather cleaner.

superconductive said,
Sadly, the Huffington post is no longer a credible source of information; it is now owned by AOL.

Well just head to, it'll be there.