Twitter's new look now available for all users

Twitter's recent image makeover is finally complete. The social networking service launched its new user interface back in December but the updated UI was only available for a few members at the time on the service (the new look was launched immediately for iOS and Android users). Today, the official Twitter blog announced that the new look for the service is now available to all of Twitter's readers.

If you are just now getting the new user interface, here's a quick summary into what's been changed. First, each tweet can be expanded with the click of the mouse to see things like retweets, photos, and more. PC users can click on the L button on the keyboard to collapse all of the tweets that a person may have expanded.

The new connect page allows users to check out which Twitter users are now following them in chronological order along with any conversations, retweets and more. The new discover page creates a custom Twitter news feed based on the person's interest. You can also embed your tweets on your web site with the new design, replacing the old "Blackbird Pie" feature.

While we know some people are grumbling that the new Twitter look isn't as good as the old one, we suspect that most people will eventually get used to the new features and interface.

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This is what Facebook would look like if it were owned by Apple. The design is extremely nice, but it's Twitter. I never cared about it.

UI's are great and all but Twitter's functionality is pretty awful. The following/ unfollowing bug is annoying and the random loading of feeds, which sometimes does nothing until you manually refresh. I welcome UI interfaces with the exception that technical improvements should be made too. Although this was a flawed update, I'm still bloody addicted to Twitter!

chAos972 said,
Now if only the site itself would load that'd be fantastic!

Ditto. Ever since they made the announcement (I've had the new look for months), nothing loads up for me now (besides the homepage); I just get a little " is loading slowly" message in the top.

Thank god everything still works on TweetDeck though.