Two new Lenovo touchscreen Windows 8 PCs now on sale

Lenovo was one of the first PC OEM makers to reveal plans for touchscreen notebooks and all-in-one PCs that were based on Windows 8. This week, the company put two of those products on sale, including an all-in-one that was first announced way back in August 2012.

That would be the Lenovo IdeaCentre A520, which has a 10-point 23 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1920x1080. The screen also can be adjusted by as much as 95 degrees thanks to its aluminum base and arm. Inside, the PC supports up to an Intel Core i7 processor, with storage options up to 1 TB and up to 8 GB of RAM. Customers can also pay for an NVIDIA discrete graphics card and even a TV tuner. The starting price for the Lenovo IdeaCentre A520 is $1,099.

The PC maker also started selling the IdeaPad U31Touch Ultrabook this week, which was announced at CES 2013 in January. It has a 10-point 13.3 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1366x768. It supports up to an Intel Core i7 processor, and storage up to 500 GB, with an option to add a second 24 GB SSD. It can hold up to 4 GB of RAM and weighs around 3.9 pounds with a battery life of up to six hours. The IdeaPad U31Touch Ultrabook starts out with a price of $819.

Source: Lenovo | Images via Lenovo
Via: Lenovo on Facebook

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I've had a couple Lenovo's before and didn't really like either of them, not to mention I think I work on more of them then any other brand, as far as laptops.

Might be sleek and sexy, but I'd prefer a computer that just works with no issues. My personal preference is not Windows 8 either!

Learned what? That 1366x768 is no longer in demand because Internet commenters don't like it? What about average consumers that want to do simple work or casual gaming or want a cheap laptop?

I'm a fan of higher resolutions but I ended up buying an Acer 4750G because it was cheap. I wouldn't want 1600x900 to be standard because that would mean the end for budget laptops. Besides, I solved the screen resolution problem by buying a 21-inch 1080p monitor.

Try to find a find a comparable $800 laptop that has a high resolution without serious compromises. Guess we haven't reached there yet and again, many consumers are still fine with that resolution.

They need to step up the resolution on that ultrabooks. 1600x900 or 1600x1200 needs to be standard. I like the desktop they need to add a 27" one with a 2560x1440 or 1600.

Windows 8 is slick in high resolution.

It is funny that Lenovo was advertising Helix like crazy, and then the moment it announced it would delay the release to March or April, the news on Helix just literally dies... and now this. Grr... Give us Helix!