Ubi taking orders on software that turns walls into touchscreens via Kinect

In 2012, Microsoft picked 11 start-up companies to participate in its Kinect Accelerator program, which offered money, office space, equipment and more to help realize their software projects that used Kinect for Windows as their basis.

One of the most impressive software demos from Kinect Accelerator was presented by Ubi Interactive, which combined an ordinary projector with software tied into Kinect for Windows to create a way to make a massive touchscreen that's projected on a wall.

Since their demo, Ubi Interactive has improved on their Kinect touchscreen wall product. In a new post on the Kinect for Windows site, it reveals that a number of companies have used their solution in a private beta test, including construction firm The Walsh Group. The blog states:

Instead of merely presenting drawings to clients, Walsh can now set up an interactive 3-D blueprint on the wall. Clients can walk up to the blueprint and discover what the building will look like by touching and interacting with the display.

Over 50 organizations tested the software during the private beta, and now Ubi Interactive is selling their projection touchscreen product to everyone. Their website shows a range of prices and features, from a one point 45 inch touchscreen for $149, to a 20 point 100 inch touchscreen for $1,499. The price includes Ubi's software and the Kinect for Windows sensor but does not include the actual projector.

Source: Kinect for Windows blog

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Microsoft research already showed off something very similar to this a few years back - albeit not production ready. Odd that they let someone else take it to market.

Fritzly said,
And, just out of curiosity, what is the cost of the projector?....

...they don't sell the projector - it's whatever projector you choose to buy and hook up to your computer.

Pretty cool stuff in general though.

Izlude said,
Do you know if it would work with DLP (rear projector)?

I just know what it says on their website...

1.Connect any projector and Kinect to your Windows 8 PC
2.Start Ubi software
3.Let Ubi automatically calibrate your environment

And actually not mentioned here, it only supports windows 8 right now.

spenser.d said,

...they don't sell the projector - it's whatever projector you choose to buy and hook up to your computer.

Pretty cool stuff in general though.

Oh, so it is not a special one, thanks.

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