Ubisoft Bringing Driver: Parallel Lines To Wii/PC?

Having bought UK-based studio Reflections and the Driver brand from Atari in 2006, it seems that Ubisoft will shortly be launching the first title in the series to use their logo - a PC and Wii port of Driver: Parallel Lines.

Originally released on Xbox and PlayStation2 during the early part of 2006, Ubisoft is yet to announce the development of its latest Wii-port (following Far Cry: Vengeance, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Blazing Angels, and Prince of Persia), though the fact that the Wii and PC versions have been designated an "M for Mature" rating by the US-based ESRB, leaves little doubt that it's on the way.

Back at Tokyo Game Show 2005 (before Atari sold both the developer and the Driver brand), Sony released a list of third-party titles in development for PlayStation3, including Driver 5 - though any news on a next-generation instalment is yet to be released by Ubisoft.

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Lets hope they DON'T do this its giving devs the wrong idea when they release crappy releases on the Wii and make a fortune, makes the other devs think thats ALL they need to do to make money, rehash old crap for the new gen console

Geez. What's with Ubisoft and all the sequels???!?! Have they turned into EA or something?

If they are going to make sequels, how about another Beyond Good and Evil instead of this junk (Driver 3 was pathetic).

Here, here. Beyond Good and Evil was one of the best games of 2003 and certainly worthy a sequel. Same goes for XIII, another Ubisoft game which has been horrendously overlooked since it was first released.