Ubuntu Gets Gutsy, But Is Linux Ready?

The Canonical-backed Ubuntu open-source community chalked up another milestone today with the release of version 7.10 of its flagship Linux operating system with a swag of user-friendly updates, but its real test will be how well it is adopted by non-technical consumers.

Ubuntu 7.10, or "Gutsy Gibbon", upholds the regular six-month release cycle for the operating system; however, it is differentiated by the inclusion of new software designed to make it easier to use and hence more appealing to most computer users. Gutsy ships with the new GNOME 2.20 desktop environment, the Compiz Fusion 3D desktop effects software, Tracker for desktop search, fast user switching, dynamic screen configuration and a new graphical display configuration tool, automatic printer installation software, and NTFS-3g to enable reads and writes to Windows partitions.

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News source: PCWorld

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