UC Berkeley offering StarCraft course

UC Berkeley is offering a new course for 2009 on the "art of competitive StarCraft", as well as how to enjoy the game.

As yet, the course is not listed on the UC Berkeley website, however it is confirmed real, with the linked website due to be revamped, as the course is generating massive publicity.

The students enrolled in the course will meet once a week for two hours, and will go into detail on how war is depicted in the game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, and there will even be a chance at the end of each class to show off a student-submitted replay of a StarCraft match.

The outline of the course is as follows:

Week 1: Orientation / Competitive Gaming Industry Overview / StarCraft Boom in Korea
Week 2: Units, Strength, Weakness, Attributes, Stats
Week 3: Fighting Micro and Unit Use
Week 4: Army Movement and Positioning
Week 5: Expo and Macro
Week 6: Building Placement and Base Layout
Week 7: Scouting and Counters
Week 8: Harass
Week 9: Overloading the Enemy, Multi-plays
Week 10: Economic Basis, Micro vs Macro
Week 11: Timing and Evaluation of Resources
Week 12: Deception
Week 13: Mindset and Series Play
Week 14: Tournament

For this first year, there are only 60 seats available, but UC Berkeley students get first choice. A revamped website will be available at www.berkeleystarcraft.com, within the week.

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As a Berkeley graduate, I can tell you that the class will be taught by students. It's mostly a filler/fun class for 1-2 units. Everybody is making this out to be bigger deal than it should be. Also for the class to be approved, you would need a professor in whatever department you're going to have the class sign off on it. To teach the class, basically you would have to be responsible enough to prepare a semester's worth of material to cover and have it approved. Not all college classes have to be strictly standard by the book courses. A little variety is good, and isn't college about exploring the available options?

Starcraft is a well-balanced game. You can definitely teach the students in this course who want to be game designers about the essential part of unit balancing. I mean, most games fail because they just use one or two of THE BEST units or weapons. In Counter-Strike, most people only use the M4, the AK, the AWP, and the Deagle. The rest of the guns are just for fun or for show.

They could also use this course for level design. The importance of strategically making bases as to not allow one to have an advantage. The importance of placing resources in the correct positions. You know, not randomly placing things in all sorts of places.

I know when I was creating maps for Starcraft I had to learn by trial and error about these things. I could go on, but I'll just leave it at that. I wish I they had this course when I was choosing a major, I would definitely take it and go into game design. And also, too bad Berkeley is far.

Sweet! One of my roommates just bought a copy of StartCraft. Does this count for academic credit? I want elective hours. :-)

exactly how much is the federal/state government subsidizing this one? Ugh... Cool for a club or an on-campus organization, but as a class?

That is kinda cool. My university introduced an elective for level development in Unreal Engine 3.0! typically they introduced it AFTER I graduated, so I never got a chance to do it (which I would of given the chance)

May I teach the class? I'm pretty qualified with an uncountable number of hours of game play under my belt...

Pretty silly, I agree. They even mention somewhere that they expect the course to have no future benefit, but not to look a "gift Protoss" in the mouth.

Sam Symons Live said,
Pretty silly, I agree. They even mention somewhere that they expect the course to have no future benefit, but not to look a "gift Protoss" in the mouth.
bahaha >.<