UK ISPs offered voluntary code to collect data on music piracy

Copyright companies wanting to protect their profits from the music industry comes as no surprise, and in the U.K. this subject is to be discussed on Sept. 12. A "Downing Street breakfast" is to be held, to discuss policing of copyright breaches.

The British Phonographic Institute, major British ISPs and Prime Minister David Cameron will attend the breakfast, and BT, Virgin Media, BSkyB and TalkTalk are all being asked to sign a voluntary code for fighting against downloads. The code would allow inspection of downloading activity and could create a database of repeat offenders, though this may be illegal under the U.K.'s Data Protection Act. The idea behind cataloguing repeat offenders would punish them progressively, with letters or throttled connections being among the more mild possibilities.

According to The Guardian and watchdog Ofcom, 280 million music tracks were downloaded between November 2012 and January 2013, with 52 million television programmes also being downloaded in the same time frame.

Long-time Neowin readers will remember previous reports pertaining to the BPI; particularly a deal made with Virgin back in 2008 that saw illegal downloaders receiving the same letters being suggested as punishment today.

Source: The Guardian | Image via Parcel2Go

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They are trying to get the government to protect there old business models. Hopefully in 10 years this wont be a problem, as the people in charge wont be as stupid as the ones today when it comes to tech law and what people can and cannot do with media.

Whilst talentless "artists" fill up the charts and are everywhere acting like spoilt little kids then I'm sorry I just can't pay good money to see it happen. Also, when was the last time you heard of an artist being broke? You've got twats like little Wayne sitting on $100million...Call me crazy, but I honestly don't think the music industry is taking the "pasting" they seem to keep trying to get us to believe.

UK resident Here. I often download shows not because I want them for free but because they air in the US months ahead of here.

Now I know I could wait right? WRONG! By the time i have waited the whole internet seems to inform him what happens in these shows before I get to see it.

Netflix had the right idea by airing shows the next day, Brilliant idea why can this not be done with all shows!

I don't care about 3 strikes and stuff, all i want is the opportunity to watch a TV show the same time as my American friends. It's kind of **** when i talk to them and i can't talk about TV shows that we are interested in because they have not aired here yet. It's even more **** when they do talk about them and i have no idea what they are on about it find out the plot before seeing it.

I would pay to see them early but there is no legal option of this (with exception of a few show's on Netflix)

Fix the system before implementing another one to screw people over. Just add them all to online serviced, show them on UK TV the same time or at least stream them over the internet with adverts every 15 mins. Do something FFS!

Punishing the fans of these shows and content because they download it before release in there own countries is not a clever solution.

'Oh my god piracy is killing our profits, how can we survive'
- still seem to have more lobbying money than anyone else, so much so they can pull the prime minister himself into talks while discussions of WAR are going on even.

Why should some megacorps bottom line take precedence over SO much more?

The UK love this! The government get some money in the form of Tax It's a win win for them. They get money from media companies and funding to get them into power and once in power help the media by helping themselves to more tax's.

It should be "Downing Street Breakfast - only scumbags (and ISPs being forced @ gunpoint) invited".

TBH, I use Google Music All Access now it's come to the UK, still missing some Artists from the catalogue though. Those were imported from the alternative sources.

Very glad I left the UK a few years ago. It might seem strange since I don't illegally download anything but I hate how big brother the country is becoming

I can't stand the 1984 feel that's being thrown at us these last few years in the UK. We're getting majorly screwed.

Spicoli said,
It's interesting how stealing stuff has become perceived as a right.

It's not about that. The issue is the way in which the government is trying to force its way into people's lives, from the porn-filter to the GCHQ spying revelations. We keep seeing the average person demonised while those guilty of the largest financial fraud in history are left to go about their business and are in fact helped by the government to record profits.

It's ensuring that the internet isn't abused by Governments.

Also the piracy stuff. Music was profitable in the past because there was a big cost to distribute it. Music only became very profitable by today's standards when cassettes and radio were common. It was fantastic for music, eventually you could share it on a much larger scale. It increased demand, we needed more musicians because we could consume more. Naturally some jobs were lost because they weren't required.

However there is still a cost to manufacture them, market them and deliver it to the customer. Obviously for all that work people need to make a profit and why should the artists miss out? Overall there was less effort per listen required but there were more listens so more jobs were created than lost.

Now with the internet, there is virtually no cost and no effort to distribute the music to meet people's demands. When there is no effort required, why should you then get paid as much or at all?

So now there is only one thing left that takes a lot of effort, producing the music. To reward this we need to develop/use a new method to suit the internet. It's probably going to be; artists becoming way more independent, live performances, merchandise and donations.

Piracy is capitalism at work; whoever is more efficient wins! Supply and demand will always be balanced.

Edited by Gaffney, Sep 2 2013, 12:58am :

Spicoli said,
It's interesting how stealing stuff has become perceived as a right.

It was in 1984. One kid asked his parents to buy the first Bon Jovi tape and the next day everyone at the school had a copy of it.

Maybe you hould get out of the rock you are living under.

Spicoli said,
It's interesting how stealing stuff has become perceived as a right.

Too bad for you that piracy isn't stealing.

However. It's been proven through NUMEROUS studies that piracy actually benefits the industry. Look at Game of Thrones, look at Breaking Bad- they both wouldn't have such a large fanbase without that of piracy which then in turn brings people to want to see it on netflix or to then purchase the DVDS, which, if you ask me are always overpriced.

Prices need to go down and people won't pirate or there should be an alternative, that's the solution. The solution is not spying on every individual and creating fear.

Richio said,
I can't stand the 1984 feel that's being thrown at us these last few years in the UK. We're getting majorly screwed.

This is always what happens with a Conservative government. When will people learn...

Richio said,
However. It's been proven through NUMEROUS studies that piracy actually benefits the industry.

It doesnn't make piracy morally okay though.

But my main problem is before trying to prevent piracy our government should work with the big fat pigs on a way to make this market finally enter the 2000 millenium.

There's not only a problem with the piracy in this market there's a problem with consumer rights too. And the stupid excuse "don't buy it if you don't agree is ... well really stupid". Consumers should have as much rights as companies.

Last spring i wanted to subscribe to HBO Canada to legally watch Games of throne. I was willing to pay as much as the cost of the serie on DVD to watch it live on TV cause i prefer to pay and be legal than pirate. But noooooo i had to subscribe to TMN to be able to subscribe to HBO Canada. The problem is i'm a SE subscriber (french version of TMN) and my gf doesn't want the english version of it and you can't get HBO Canada with SE. So I was screwed and had to pirate the serie. Yep that's right i actually wanted to pay but had to pirate.

There's so many things wrong and immoral in this industry today that it's sad to see our government focus on piracy only and not on the shady moves by the big fat pigs running it.

[edit] Just want to add that SE is running the french version of Game of thrones but i want to watch the english version and anyway SE is running the french version something like 3 months late and by that time the whole show is spoiled by other people around me.

Edited by LaP, Sep 3 2013, 3:54am :