UK News: Nine out of 10 firms put customer data at risk

Over 90 per cent of UK firms are putting their customers at risk of identity fraud, according to the results of a study released today to mark National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. The event is aimed at advising consumers and businesses on best practice for preventing ID theft. The survey highlighted that, in many cases, consumers blame companies for any problems, and not their own housekeeping.

The report, commissioned by Fellowes for National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, found that 97 per cent of UK consumers are not completely confident that the organisations they deal with are taking adequate steps to protect their information. Worse still, 92 per cent of employees at the firms in question confessed that the identity of their customers could be stolen by a fraudster, while 75 per cent admitted that their employers could be doing more to prevent fraud.

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I got in contact with my Sister's former ISP as they kept sending bills to her address, even though the account holder (her ex boyfriend) had moved house. They said only the account holder could change address.
I called them, told them I needed to change my billing address, they asked my name and birth date, I gave my sister's ex's name, made up a birth date, they changed the address.

Not good

if MI5 cant do it, why would credit card companies???

i hate the fact they keep making us remember things like PINS etc, yet they co-ck up on their end!

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