UK to escalate emergency phone and internet data storage law

The UK Parliament is to rush through emergency legislation that will force Telecom and Internet Service Providers in the UK to retain customer data for up to 12 months in relation to customer calls, texts and internet use.

The emergency ruling follows a recent European Court of Justice decision that invalidated the law and requirement for Telecom companies and ISP's to keep the data on record for up to 24 months.

The government defended the proposal by stating that the European ruling declared existing powers invalid that is necessary so police and security services can access the data they need.

The proposed so-called safeguards are to include:

  • The creation of a new Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board to examine the impact of the law on privacy and civil liberties
  • A review of the controversial RIPA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
  • Annual government transparency reports on how these powers are used
  • The law will include a so-called sunset clause - ensuring that these powers will die in 2016 - so there will be a longer and wider debate about what replaces them.

Although all the major parties have officially supported the emergency law, Labour MP Tom Watson has condemned the plans as a "stitch up" which prevent MPs from considering the legislation properly. 

A special cabinet is being held to agree the planned laws, which will only last until 2016 after which a debate will discuss a follow up law in more depth.

Source & Image: BBC

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I hope they won't forget to force a new legislation to show a nag screen (informing you about the fact of being spied on) along with the cookies info.

With the government we have here in the UK it does not shock me, The current government are out of power soon, likely out of a job. They will appoint themselves, family members and friends well paid jobs in this new board and stuff.

It's starting to become a nasty place to live here.

They just want to keep their blanket surveillance after having been told it is illegal. They're rushing this through with no regard to any democratic process (what's the betting the sunset clause "accidentally" gets left out?) before they all bugger off on their extended kiddie-fiddling holidays. The review of RIPA will be a whitewash. They've done this before. They will always try to do it again. Tossers.

Norway and Switzerland have the perfect position when it comes to the EU. Not members but have the benefits they want. ^_^

Governments don't "need" to spy on everyone, which is all this really is, they simply would prefer to do it legally and more easily. As an American, who values and understands the relationship between privacy and freedom, all I can say to others across the pond is "I feel your pain".

Well the UK prefers sleeping with the US anyways.. I think Scotland should join the EU and England could be properly independent again without the EU. See how this will end up for them

grabageek said,
(European Court) - We in Europe have made this ruling....

(UK Government) - ahhhh naff off!!!!.........

Personally I'd like to be out of the EU altogether.

Yes please. with your high amount of export of really important goods and the high amount of willing people to do ###### jobs for low salary I would like to see england falling apart within years :)

The problem is not that members states disagree but that they even have the power to disagree. but well.. it took a country ages to move from district laws to national laws and I bet there are still district laws in UK - in Germany there are. Just hope they fix this soon and all EU countries