UK Windows Phone advert highlights Kid's Corner feature

A very nice family friendly promo from Windows Phone UK was published earlier via their Youtube channel. The ad has a kid asking all sorts of questions until, finally, his parents get him in front a Lumia so they can get some peace and quiet.

The commercial is making the rounds in the UK and it highlights one of the great features of Windows Phone: Kid's Corner. This allows parents to set up a closed sandbox parallel to everything else that's on the phone, so kids can play and access only the apps destined for them. It helps to keep your kids out of your e-mail, phonebook or, more importantly, the Windows Phone Store so they can't accidentally buy apps.

Overall it's a nice little ad showcasing a unique and useful feature of Windows Phone and we hope Microsoft and Nokia continue to highlight the great functionality that comes with Windows Phone and the Lumia hardware.

Source: Youtube Via: WPCentral

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Maybe I'm a bit weird, but I don't see the problem in teaching your children to have a healthy appreciation for technology. I wouldn't give a kid that age his own smartphone but I'd still want him to learn how to use them and understand how powerful they can be.

Hahaha, to me it looked like the kid was asking questions he didn't know the answer to, whilst annoying, is inquisitive, then he's given the phone and instantly turns looking braindead.