UK Xbox game prices raised in new real-money Dashboard

Despite the fact that Microsoft's recent public beta for the next Xbox 360 dashboard requires you to sign an NDA to prevent information disclosure, a tipster has leaked some details concerning the prices of games under the new dashboard to Eurogamer. According to the tipster, Microsoft's switch to using real-world currency has been completed, but game prices - at least in the U.K. - have gone up as a result.

Also, any Microsoft Points that you had in your account are converted under the current rate for buying Points, and not in relation to the actual cost of games. This means that a game that previously cost 1200 Microsoft Points (MSP) now costs more when MSP are converted into real dollars, as (for example) the game is converted to £11.99 on the store while your 1200 MSP are only converted to £10.20.

Here's a full list of the conversion changes and losses:

  • 1600 MSP → £14.99; previously this was the equivalent of £13.60 (+£1.39)
  • 1200 MSP → £11.99, previously £10.20 (+£1.79)
  • 800 MSP → £8.99, previously £6.80 (+£2.19)
  • 400 MSP → £4.49, previously £3.20 (+£1.29)

U.K. Xbox 360 gamers will no doubt be disappointed by the changes, as they're effectively losing money through the conversion process. It's unclear at this stage whether the currency changes affect other locations around the globe, but it seems unlikely the United States would be affected as it's the home of Microsoft, and all changes are usually based off the U.S. dollar.

Source: Eurogamer | Image via Eurogamer

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Just checked the US conversion this morning after reading this news: I got $15 for 804 MS points - not bad considering 800 MS points only costs $10.

If they convert the points at the value that you paid for them then you haven't lost anything. This is simply a price rise. You have the same as you started off with, you just can't buy as much as you used to with that.

Bit sneaky doing it at the same time as the conversion to try and hide it and I bet the prices were already higher than the US before this price hike.

Maybe it's tax related ? Points are already with tax/vat and real world money without (added later), If I remember correctly...

What's with the .99? Do companies still really believe that people see £14.99 as £14 and not £15?

Bet they don't sell the cards in stores at .99 when they come out...

Poor show on the part of Microsoft to charge a commission when they are the ones who required users to purchase points in the first place. Hopefully Microsoft will see the error of imposing this cost on their customers.

kinpin said,
You get what you pay for , people asked for "real money", there you have it .

People asked for real money yes, I don't recall people asking for increased game prices.
Your money is now worth less relative to the price of the games, I wouldn't quite call that "you get what you pay for".

I would call that a very good opportunity to disguise what is pretty simply just a price increase on all the games.

At least for Europeans, how the prices change for other regions is unknown.

Seems odd for them to do that. Also wonder if they'll do anything to this guy for leaking this. They can't have paid out 33.66 to many people lol.

Memnochxx said,
It's a credit to your account (of the amount you already spent on the points). They don't send you a check or anything...

Yes, but every single thing you do on XBL is logged to your account. Do you seriously not think there's an audit trail of every single monetary transaction, including this one? It would probably take someone at Microsoft all of 20 seconds to figure who this guy is if they actually cared.

DARKFiB3R said,
So my 800 points card that I haven't used yet is now worth £8.99?
If I read the post correctly, 800 points are worth 6.80, but the game that was worth 800 points before now cost 8.99 in real money.

Ryne said,
If I read the post correctly, 800 points are worth 6.80, but the game that was worth 800 points before now cost 8.99 in real money.


Just means I'll buy less games if the price has essentially gone up, which given, you can get 2100 points for £15 online, means the price rise is even more....

It's nothing like converting your money on travel. It's like going into a bank with £10 and depositing it into your account, only to be given £8 instead.

They're doing a double standard with the conversion. If a game cost 1200 points and you have 1200 points in your account, you somehow end up with only £10.20 but the game costs £11.99. Why are they using two separate exchange rates? It makes no sense.