Ultra Mobile PCs to get Vista Facelift

Who remembers the hype around "Origami"? Unveiled in March 2006, Origami was the codename for the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC). The UMPC is a full Windows PC equipped with a small touch-screen display, a virtual keyboard and unfortunately, a short battery life. A major upgrade is coming for UMPC: Microsoft calls it the "Origami Experience."

The upgrade replaces the old Program Launcher with a Vista-inspired look. The new interface isn't simply eye-candy: functionality is a key part in the makeover. The Home screen is divided into Music, Videos, Pictures and Programs. A single touch of the icon in the upper left corner turns the screen off. Battery life, network connection status, an Alt-Tab-like switcher button, the current time and media playback controls are always visible on two bars on the top and bottom of the screen.

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i really wish orgami took off.. im glad they didn't ditch this project and move onto another good work microsoft for not abandoning a project that could eventually be the next big thing if given the chance.

Am I the only one that is lost on what market this device is for?? Microsoft has Vista for laptops and tablets, Zune for media, and Windows Mobile for smartphones. Why would I need another device?

The UMPC is somewhere below a Laptop but higher than a Smartphone as far as functionality go. The UMPC devices are quite pricy though and there really isn't a market for them right at the moment... You can get an ultra small ultra powerful laptop for less than a UMPC costs.

I can see some sweet upgrades to Windows Mobile in the future by the looks of this though.
I use WM5 on a Mitac Mio A701(A Pocket PC Phone with GPS).