Unboxing: Sony Vaio Tap 20

Ever wanted to have your own 20-inch tablet for whatever reason? Well thanks to the folks at Sony I've managed to get some hands-on time with their all-in-one/tablet combo device, the Vaio Tap 20. The company announced the device way back in August 2012, but it hasn't really seen the lights of a retail store until very recently (at least here in Australia).

I've got an unboxing video of the large device for you to enjoy above, and of course look out for the review in the coming days, especially considering I only have a week with it. In the meantime, my Twitter is the place you'll find curious tidbits of information as I go about reviewing the product.

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I find unboxing videos to be really boring I just wanna see the thing in action! btw this is a really cool idea for computing, I think we'll se more of it (giant portable touchscreen)

I saw the white version in Best Buy just this past Sunday. Weird part about it, Best Buy doesn't have it on their website.

Midnight Mick said,
SO when did an AIO PC get called a "Tablet"?

Because it operates without a keyboard/mouse and has an internal battery, technically making it a 'tablet'.

I image at most users are going to sit it on their lap at home, or take it into the family room and play multi-user games on it, but it is a 'tablet' because of the internal power source and the fact it works without the keyboard and mouse or any other accessory.

Needs to be thinner, lighter, 15" in size, 1080p screen, and have a Wacom digitizer and graphical artists will buy them in bulk!

basically yes. I was considering buying this thing, as I don't like how small tablet pc's are nowdays, but to hell with this. I'll probably buy some powerful 11-12" tablet pc and a separate big touchscreen monitor.

One thing I can applaud Sony for is that they make certain products that don't cater to the general consumer

This kind of option is really appealing to a select group of people though, but this thing really aught to have a digitizer

exactly, a properly packaged box SHOULD be able to handle that, and more actually. Ive worked for fedex for 6 years now, and when things get damaged its usually because of bad packaging. Computers/monitors and other electronics are on average in my opinion are the best packaged products, as they should be, they are very solid.