Universal Disc Players to Dominate the Market – Researcher

Following the commercial launch of the universal player that can tap both Blu-ray and HD DVD markets there are many more similar devices incoming according to technology research firm ABI research, which believes that such hybrid players will essentially end the war of formats. However, due to high pricing of blue-laser players their mass adoption is still far ahead. ABI Research believes that by creating a player that accommodates both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs, the Korean manufacturer LG Electronics may have created a precedent that the rest of the industry will have to follow.

"We believe that universal players will come to dominate the high-definition DVD player market," said Steve Wilson, the firm's principal analyst of consumer electronics. The research firm also speculates that Samsung is expected to release its own universal player "soon", and others, including large consumer electronics vendors, may follow suit "before long". ABI Research forecasts sales of 2.4 million players in 2007, rising to 55 million in 2011.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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if theese players get popular, it might affect the ps3 sales, for those that also wanted to play hi def movies

I dont think so, nor Blu-ray not HD DVD approves them. They are some how illegal and have no future.
Also the formats are not the same like DVD, they are different and are not compatible.
We need one format, and this format is the who has more Hardware and software company support than the other. Its inevitable that it will dominate because of the availability and price and fans of those companies/studios.

I lean towards Blu-ray.

They aren't illegal, but in the case of the LG player they are not allowed to use the HD-DVD logo since they intentionally crippled some of the functionality (no doubt to make Blu-Ray look like a better format). If a player came out that fully supported both formats there would be nothing wrong with it, other than prolonging this stupid format war.

"Intentionally crippled"? Ridiculous!

If they wanted HD DVD to look bad, they would have left it off all together, which the entire CE industry (save for Toshiba) is doing! Even their major hardware partner, NEC, abandoned them.

When things go south for your format, then wild conspiracy theories are all that's left I guess.

Isn't it obvious that consumers will want a universal player/recorder over format dependent versions. Just like I won't be buying anything that depends on a format "winning", I'll just wait until a product is available that records/plays all the formats.

I don't think the studios will settle for that, knowing they will still be losing some customers who don't have dual format players or having to spend money releasing movies on both formats. I don't want two formats either; one of them must die.