Unreal Tournament 3 Demo Soon

Epic's Mark Rein made a post on the Epic forums announcing that the demo for Unreal Tournament 3 will be out within the next two weeks.

"Just wanted to give you a heads' up that we're getting pretty close to releasing the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo for Windows. The Beta Demo will allow instant action play against bots as well as online multiplayer. The purpose of the Beta Demo is to test the game on a large variety of hardware configurations and get gameplay feedback from the community. The development team feels they're pretty close to being ready to release this so it could come out this week but for safety sake I'd say it should be out within two weeks."
While we have already seen the engine running in the latest Rainbow 6, Gears of War, Bioshock and Medal of Honor it is almost time to see what the latest revision of the Unreal Engine 3.0 is all about.

News source: Epic Forums

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I have to agree, as i have a x1950 pro, runs awsome as well i also tried demos of CoD4, Jericho, F.E.A.R XP2, Timeshift, all run sweet!

Anyone know if U3 will be better graphically than Bioshock? With Vista installed and using DX10 Bioshock still doesn't look that good to me. I mean it's ok but I was expecting more... I didn't have that many DX10 features. Will UT3 have more DX10 visual goodies in it?

"but for safety sake I'd say it should be out within two weeks"

haha.. how many threads have there been within the life of UT on the epic/atari forums labelled "2 weeks"

Intelman said,
Rainbow 6 ran like ****, Gears of War I haven't tried, Bioshock ran alright, Medal of Honor ran alright, I hope UT3 runs great.

Your PC must suck

MichaelBL said,

Your PC must suck

I 2nd that.

I had Rainbow 6 Las Vegas, on a AMD 64 4600+ 2 with 2 gigs of ram and a Geforce 7900 GT graphics card, ran geat