Unreal Tournament 3 (Official Bonus Pack)

Today, Midway and Epic Games announce that downloadable content for the award-winning first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament 3, is now available for PlayStation 3 and PC. The downloadable content consists of three deadly arenas: Morbias, Facing Worlds and Searchlight. PC users can find the new content at www.unrealtournament3.com, while PS3 users can download it directly from the PlayStation Network.

These downloads, which are free to all owners of Unreal Tournament 3, mark the latest achievement in providing the gaming community with unrivaled mods and superior experiences through the most recent installment in the Unreal Tournament franchise. While Unreal Tournament 3 shipped with 40 maps, and hundreds of user-created mods have been published since the game's release, Midway and Epic are committed to providing fans with even more official content to further extend enjoyment of the game.

Morbias is the deathmatch arena that started it all, perfectly suited for anything from small intense duels to chaotic free-for-all matches. The Unreal Tournament classic, Facing Worlds was one of the most played maps in gaming history. This beloved sniper map makes its return alongside an intricate new capture the flag map, Searchlight, designed for both z-axis rooftop runs and strategic indoor gameplay. Returning classics and fresh new designs let you experience Unreal gaming like never before.

View: Epic Games

Download [159.72 MB]: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5 | Mirror 6 | Mirror 7

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also bought it couple of weeks ago after trying the demo. surprised to see it ran pretty well on my computer. looks great even on normal settings. too bad there aren't any good servers yet but it'll pick up i recon. 2003-2004 started out slow too as i recall. they've gotten some complaints for removing a few of the modes in the new version, but i don't see the big deal. assault and invasion only had a handful of servers at most in 2004. they've kept the good ones. and warfare is onslaught. complaining about the new name is just silly.

I just bought UT3 last night while making my purchase of some OCR ReaperX ram sticks (4gig Pack to be exact)

I'm so looking forward to loading this on my system when I get home

Was thinking the same thing. The bonus pack for Ut2004 contained new vehicles, several new maps for each game mode as well as extra mutators.

(Unimatrix Xero said @ #8)
i hope steam updates soon,

You can install the bonus pack just by adding the files to the unreal directory...

What will be interesting is whether or not the DLC will be free on Live... we know how much MS like to make us pay for such things!

After the fiasco with the DLC for the original R6V I'm sure Microsoft will feel pressured into making it free.

They probally will charge for it and make it free after a set amount of time. They did this with Gears, so is probally the same arrangement they'll have for Unreal.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm just gonna have to wait for them to release the bonus pack in Australia (if they ever do). I dunno why they make us wait longer for it, it's free it should be available to everyone not just selected countries *grumble grumble*

I figured they would eventually release their official port of Facing Worlds!

Sadly my plans of getting UT3 this week died when work screwed us out of our bonus this year.

It's coming, except I don't think it supports user created DLC or did they resolve that problem now? also I saw UT3 for 360 promo box in the coming soon section of my local game shop and it had "Only on Xbox 360" on it, found that rather funny I'm guessing the actual box will have that bit removed...

Damn I love Epic, free bonus packs all the time free upgrade to 64 bit support (one of the unreals)....

I just dont think many people are into PC gaming anymore...

If UT3 ever goes on sale I'll buy it, but right now I am on a pretty tight budget.

I don't think PC gaming is doiung to bad. Online play locked to serial numbers is reducing piracy and the slowdown in releases seems to have ended. On UT3 there always seems to be healthy number of players as well.

there is lots of money to be made in the PC market, the problem is there is little room for slacking. it takes a large budget op like Crysis or COD4 to make your money. as of right now, the field has loads and loads of crap. unlike the console market, where the volume of sales provides so much incentive. companies like valve and blizzard arnt exactly hurting in the pocket book area, trust me on that.