Unreal Tournament 3 to use Gamespy technology for PC and PS3

GameSpy will be incorporating its multiplayer tech into Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 for PC and PS3.

The big question sitting in gamers' minds is whether or not the deal will mean cross-platform console-to-PC fragging for UT3.

GameSpy's technology does allow for cross-platform gameplay between the two platforms, but Epic has said UT3 will not be shipping with such a feature. There is still a possibility of an update down the line that incorporates cross-platform play. GameSpy's features include multiplayer matchmaking, in-game and out-of-game messaging, player statistics, voice-over IP and a leaderboard and ranking system.

GameSpy recently became part of Epic's Integrated Partners Program, which means GameSpy's multiplayer tech would be integrated into Epic's popular Unreal Engine 3. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty from Codemasters and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway from Ubisoft are a few games that will feature PS3-to-PC cross platform play, thanks to the agreement.

UT3 ships on PC in November, while its PS3 counterpart is expected to be pushed back into Q1 2008. An Xbox 360 version is coming next year at an unannounced date, and will instead use Xbox Live for multiplayer.

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I personally hate what has happened to the pre-game multiplayer part of UT3. It was as if Epic deliberately made all these stupid changes to just accommodate Gamespy's BS.

If Gamespy's integration into UT3 fosters the growth of the UT3 community, then alright. But I have a feeling this is the last straw for dedicated UT PC gamers.

I don't see cross platform play for months. Like it was said when people asked 'where is the PS3 demo' console games have to go through a gauntlet of checks before Sony will sign the game to run on PS3. Because of this it makes it hard to keep them on the same version. So I really don't see cross platform till the patches die down on the PC version.

Tho one thing to note is I can't remember the last time unreal patches changed so much of the net code that a older client couldn't play on a newer server.

If it does happen it will be the second game in history to console<>PC. FFXI being the first.
EDIT: Woops, I take that back. Quake 3 was the first. PC and Dreamcast could play on the same servers provided they were on a specific version of the game.