Unreal Tournament 3: Update Patch 1.1 (Final)

Epic's final patch for Unreal Tournament 3 (PC) has just been released. Reports say this is identical to the Beta 4 patch but with an update to the version number on the top right of the main menu.


News Source: BeyondUnreal's Release Notes
Download: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 [234 MB Freeware]

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It's probably just me, but after patching the game it now takes twice as long to load a level and it seems to run twice as slow as it used to...I think I'll be reinstalling it fresh and not patching it, can't say I'm too happy with this patch at all.

Ficman said,
I sure hope it fixes the game, should have never been released with all the bugs it has now... :mad:

i havent really noticed any bugs tbh , only thing that annoys me a tad is the fact trying to get on some servers is a pain in the arse but that seems to be fixed in the patch hehe

Ok then, let's see if they managed to fix the "Connection failed" issue many many people were having, because I did not spend 55€ just not to be able to play with my brother online...

thats nothing really a big patch , look at Ea patches for BF2 close to 700mb

considering the size of the game i think its a small patch plus it fixes alot of little nags here and there