Update for Windows Phone 8's Google Search app adds new features

Microsoft and Google have been waging a little war over app support for their two mobile operating systems. Microsoft has released a number of Android apps for its products but so far Google has only released a Search app for Windows Phone 8. An attempt by Microsoft and Google to work together to make a Windows Phone YouTube app has not worked out and currently Microsoft is offering just an HTML5-based YouTube app.

Today, however, Google unexpectedly decided to update its search app for Windows Phone 8 with a few new features. The biggest addition is the ability to see any voice commands that might be used displayed on the screen. The new version also has some improvements in Google Image viewing, along with the ability to sign into a Google account from within the app. Finally, Google has fixed some bugs too.

So does this new release mean that a thaw in Microsoft and Google's cold app relationship is happening? Not likely. Google still has not released an official Gmail, Map, YouTube or Google+ apps for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 and it doesn't look like it will happen anytime in the near future.

Source: Windows Phone Store via WinBeta | Image via Google

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Now if they only RE-ENABLED the YouTube app MSFT made for their miserable service things would start to suck less.

I still wouldn't buy into the Google ecosystem for it is so much more closed than the open MSFT ecosystem. Just look at the amount of MSFT apps on the playstore vs the amount of Google apps on the win32/metro/wp store.

to be honest i dont give a rats ass for a youtube app... that few vids i must watch on that service i gladly play via the browser, at least no ads for me, no money for google
google maps i dont need if i got nokia, gmail i never used, drive is a joke compared to skydrive, music is nowhere near xbox music (which still lags behind itunes tbh), so really, what google crap we need on wp? search? that works via browser (still i dont use it but hey, thats me)

so really, i dont miss anything google from the wp store (i know that statement isnt true for the majority, which is a shame)

if you have the ability to sideload apps onto your device you can get the MS made youtube app on XDA, and it is probably one of the best youtube apps available across all platforms.

As much as love to download that youtube apps, unfortunately, it's not worthy enough to root my Lumia.

korupt_one said,
if you have the ability to sideload apps onto your device you can get the MS made youtube app on XDA, and it is probably one of the best youtube apps available across all platforms.

Emiliano Magliocca said,
don't need any scroogle acocunt, software, device anymore

It amazes me you actually believe that garbage. Every company you give your information to does exactly what Google is doing. And if you still doubtful, All of the tracking and what not can be turned off extremely easily.

Read what their guidelines are. Google requires 3rd parties to use HTML5 so they can make sure ads are displayed properly. At least that is what it states.

Or are you just trolling?

no trolling, just dont giving a sh*t
however that policy is pure hypocrisy considering many 3rd party apps (made unavailable, broken or redundant) laugh circles around google 1st party apps and websites (and it's not all about wp platform either)

morden said,
however that policy is pure hipporacy considering....

True but that really isnt relevant to what I was replying to. Google's reasons behind why they do certain things will be forever a mystery. But thats a different discussion.

i dont think theres any mistery of torpedoing a youtube app that does not contain ads, force yt commenters to g+ or removing key apps from competitors store

Wow! How kind and gracious of google to finally update the only app they bothered to make! /massive sarcasm