Updated "Unofficial" System Requirements For Crysis

Crysis-Online has the "unofficial" updated minimum and recommended system requirements for the upcoming mega-smash hit Crytek masterpiece Crysis. Wow, that's a mouthful eh? Check these out.

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU - Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8 Ghz
  • Video - Nvidia 6200 or Ati X1300 - Shader Model 2.0
  • RAM - 768 MB on Windows XP or 1 GB on Windows Vista
  • HDD - 6 GB
  • Internet - 256k+
  • Optical Drive - DVD
  • Software - Direct X 9.0c with Windows XP
Recommended Requirements
  • CPU - Dual Core CPU - Either Athlon X2 or Intel Pentium D
  • Video - Nvidia 7600GT or ATI X1800GTO - Shader Model 3.0 or DX10 Equivalent
  • RAM - 1.5GB+
  • HDD - 6GB
  • Internet - 512k+ - 128k Upstream
  • Optical Drive - DVD
  • Software - Direct X 9.0c with Windows XP
Also of note from the report are a couple of other things. Mainly that Crysis will run on both DX9 and DX10 and on Windows Vista and Windows XP. A video card supporting Shader Model 2.0 is the minimum, period. Don't bother with anything less. The CryEngine 2 as its called, can scale back quite a bit, around 2 years according to Crysis-Online, and scale ahead around 1.5 years or so. Crysis will utilize multi threaded CPU's which means the game will support Quad Core processors. A single Geforce 7800GTX will be able to pretty much max out the game.

Now remember, these are not confirmed specs, but I wouldn't doubt they are pretty accurate at this point. Time to upgrade the old PC folks?

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what?? those are supposed to be the system requirements for it?? if that's so....it's time to spend some cash and update my machine.
not even going to post what i have, because it's to damn shamefull :P

haha, my machine is the min specs :P (Athlon 64 3000+ with similar specs, except I got a 6800GS not a 6200 :P) my trusty Athlon 64 is still battling on

other than a dx10 card, i meet all of these specs with flying colors. i have two 7800gtx's right now.

This and UT2007 is what I bought my box for. I can't wait for the new 8800GTX card. Just about time to sell a couple of vid cards on ebay.

Yup. My PC exceeds their specs, so I'm happy. I can wait for a while before getting a DX10 card. I was expecting them to be higher too though

Well my new PC I've had about 4 months now exceeds those specs, although I think once Vista and this game are out it's time to trade in the old 7900GTX for a nice shiny DX10 card. Top of the range of course!

6 gigs is nothing now, Flight Sim X is like a 10 gig install, Auto Assault is 9 gigs, uh, I'm forgetting some other new games I just saw that are like 13 gigs installed lol

It's getting pretty nuts though

Quote - LOC said @ #18.1
6 gigs is nothing now, Flight Sim X is like a 10 gig install, Auto Assault is 9 gigs, uh, I'm forgetting some other new games I just saw that are like 13 gigs installed lol

It's getting pretty nuts though :|

Splinter Cell DA needs over 10gigs... pffft this crysis is a lightweight!

Quote - Powerless said @ #14
CPU - :(
Video - :(
RAM - :(
HDD - :)
Internet - :)
Optical Drive - :)
Software - :)

Overall :(

Oh man I love that.


Video - :(
RAM - :(
CPU - :)
HDD - :)
Internet Speed - :)
OD - :)
Software - :(

Overall - Ahh, screw it.

WOOT!!! I beat the recommended, just barely in the Video card area though, X1800XT, but planning on picking up a DX10 card when this game launches anyway. I better beat these requirements though, considering I just built my computer less than a month ago!

Also CPUs are starting to get confusing "Intel 2.8 Ghz" I have a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, that I know will be fine, but seeing that number I had to pause, wonder if games are going to have to have 3 CPU labels now: AMD, old Intel, and new Intel?

thank god more publishers are starting to release games as dvd normal instead of dvd limited edition. so tired of having to maintain multiple disks.

I'm doing fine other than DX10, although I'm planning to sell my graphics card to my roommate later so I can upgrade to the R600, but we'll wait and see. But these are pretty high min requirements, although I guess they won't be that bad considering, like someone else said, the game won't be released for another 6+ months.

yea you'll have to put every setting on low and it'll probably get 10 fps with those minimum specs. i hate how companies put minimum specs on their games "oh, it'll run, but will be extremely choppy. we just wanted to sucker you into buying our product when your pc really cant handle it"

For the first time in years I havent met min specs for a game. AHh well. I'm upgrading anyway mid next year. Infact Crysis being delayed is only good news for me...it'll stop me being tempted into upgrading earlier than I had planned.

My 5600 ultra isn't even close -- I'll be lucky to be able to run this thing at absolute minimum detail!
Crysis might be worth upgrading for, I truly loved FarCry and it's open play style.

I just upgraded not too long ago and I don't even meet the minimum requirements. Barely squeak by with my Athlon 64 3200, nVidia 7300, (maybe 2gb RAM, if I get it for Christmas). Just because the technology gets more expensive doesn't mean you have to meet it at that level. I would love to see a company design a game to the "now" specs instead of the future specs. Guess my geek level isn't as high as I thought it was.

Crysis is the exceptopn but...most games dont need this much raw power. Also its not due until at least second quarter next year now so it's at least 6 months off. By then this hardware will be "todays" hardware. Infact I would personally consider the min req's to be yesterdays hardware even now.

As I noted bellow I also dont meet min spec except my pc in Feb will be two years old. I consider that a fairly respectable lifespan without any cpu or gpu updates. Ill buy a full new system next year seeing as I have the wrong (outdated) sockets for just about everything.

Oh the thought of running this on my 6200 makes me sick!java script:emoticon(':confused:','')
java script:emoticon(':confused:','')