Uploaders earning serious money from Youtube

If you are looking to earn some steady money from the internet then YouTube could be the destination for you.

The New York Times are running an article about how popular and how profitable YouTube is to the producers. Just over a year ago many of YouTube's power members were asked to join an advert system where the viewer would see an advert above the video description and during the video, many of those members are now earning a 6 figure salary from that system.

A prime example of this is Michael Buckley who makes the "What the Buck" web series who was working as an admin assistant to a music production company but now he has quit that and made his web series his full time job after he earned nearly near $100,000 in just one year from adverts alone. It's not just people who are using this system even the big record companies like WB, Universal Music and Sony BMG are driving adverts to the viewers and earning money from it but its a clear sign that YouTube wants to spread the wealth amongst everyone allowing normal uploaders to earn money from views.

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I gotta make some animations in ms paint that involve squirrels and popcorn and upload them to YouTube!
I will make so much money.

And most of those fake people making all this money, their videos are pure crap that don't belong on Youtube. But if you go by their comments, people apparently love crap. I honestly believe that a lot of the comments are fake who praise crap videos.

I know that the "Dax Flame" videos are pure junk, yet he gets so much praise. And I'm sure he makes a nice profit. Apparently the more crap your video is, the more money you make.

Yeah start cluttering all Youtube videos with ads...
Ads on the right side would be acceptable, but not thoose damn ads inside the video...
Evil Google takes over things to make them bad for profit and gather all userdata it can...

(sorry for my bad english)

that makes me not want to watch youtube now. for example: fred, sxephil, etc are getting PAID for their videos? I'm sorry that just makes me sick. Now I understand why they keep doing them. What's funny is sxephil said a while back that he was done making videos (it was taking up too much of his life). He even stopped for like a 2 week period (figures). Now if you look at his channel he makes videos out the ying-yang. Funny huh? Oh well...

And a quick fix for the story: it is "earned nearly" not "earnt near"

SimNet said,
English. Do you speak it?

Ah someone always jumps in to down someone based on their choice of words. Quick to yell they are unable to properly speak English....

An interesting concept to argue for a language that was born out of slang and has more regional variations than probably any other major language. Add to that the variations that exist between established major variants (English US and English UK for example).

You end up looking more and more like an arrogant idiot than anything else, but I guess that has always been the benefit of the Internet hasn't it? The ability for the arrogant idiots to poke their ugly heads out.

I will join you ! I take 75%, charity takes 20 % , you take 5%, hows that ? Its a deal then !

Update : 3 % goes to the local brothel and you walk away with 2 %.

Vezineth said,
I will join you ! I take 75%, charity takes 20 % , you take 5%, hows that ? Its a deal then !

LOL greedy ******.

Vezineth said,
I will join you ! I take 75%, charity takes 20 % , you take 5%, hows that ? Its a deal then !

i am poor so, where is my check with the 20% ?