US Cellular joins the Windows Phone 8 race with Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Today is turning out to be a big day for Windows Phone 8 in the US. Earlier today, Sprint announced it would start selling its first Windows Phone 8 smartphone beginning on Friday. Now US Cellular, the nation's fifth largest wireless carrier, has confirmed earlier reports that it will soon offer its own Windows Phone 8 device.

US Cellular's press release states that the carrier's debut WP8 handset will be its own version of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, which was first released in the US earlier this year and sold by Verizon Wireless. The device is already available to purchase online from US Cellular and will debut in the company's stores on Thursday, July 11th. The price, after a 50% mail-in rebate, will be $49.99 with a new two year contract.

In terms of hardware, the US Cellular version of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey is no different than the one sold by Verizon. It still has a four-inch 800x480 WVGA Super AMOLED display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, a five megapixel rear camera and a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, and will also support US Cellular's LTE network.

Source: US Cellular | Image via US Cellular

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I heard this is what Sprint is getting next month. WOW how lucky are Sprint customers!! /s
Anyway I'm upset that I've waited so long for a (decent!) WP8 device and this is what we're getting. I don't want to switch and leave Sprint but their phone selection is deplorable. Not sure what to do.

I'm glad to see more Windows Phone being promoted and offered by phone carriers. It's a shame that Samsung made a cheap looking Windows Phone when they can do better. It's no match for a Nokia Lumia 520 if it's compared side-by-side.

Well, Windows Phone may not be lighting the world on fire with sales, but if more carriers are picking it up, that's gotta be a positive sign.

nowimnothing said,
Well, Windows Phone may not be lighting the world on fire with sales, but if more carriers are picking it up, that's gotta be a positive sign.

With roughly 52% of adult Americans having smartphones, there's plenty of room for everyone to grow. I hope WP can be a profitable 3rd place, but still want to go higher. I just don't trust MS to have leadership - thy seem to do better when they're behind

I own a Samsung Ativ S - I would suggest choosing another phone. The device itself is generally okay but the physical windows button is cheaply done and the quality doesn't measure up to what Nokia and HTC have released.

it does have a nice balance between weight and size though and the screen is okay. As a middle-of-the-pack phone it is alright. Certainly doesn't measure up to the flagship phones out there by the other two companies.

If its solid as my launch Samsung Focus was, I'm sure it'll be a good phone. Seems like something I'd buy my mom or dad when their feature phones die.

That's a cheap and ugly looking phone. I wouldn't want it even if they paid me to have it. Samsung isn't doing Windows Phone any favors with the garbage ATIV phones they've been putting out... even the name alone sounds retarded.... ATIV...

Even a Nokia Lumia 520 looks and feel better than this. It's a shame that Samsung is heavily invested in Android when Windows Phone is superior.